Power Cord & SPDIF Coaxial Recommendations For Audiomeca Mephisto CD Transport

Have just gotten an old Audiomeca Mephisto  CD transport.
It's hardly written about anymore as it is ancient and so was wondering about good matches for it power cord and SPDIF coaxial wise.
Nice player, but if you find power and coax cord differences you have a problem.
Thanks guys.
I ended up using what I had on my previous transport - Aural Symphonics Echelon Digital SPDIF and Cardas Clear Beyond Power.
They sounded a bit edgy at first when i tried them on the Mephisto but sound fine now. I guess it was probably because the Mephisto needed to settle in as the previous owner had not used it for a while.
I am wondering now if a reclocker will make a difference since the clock in the Mephisto is older technology
Triode Wire Labs specialty is cables that will take away digital glare and edginess but retain detail. Their power cords are very effective IME.