Power Cord & SPDIF Coaxial Recommendations For Audiomeca Mephisto CD Transport

Have just gotten an old Audiomeca Mephisto  CD transport.
It's hardly written about anymore as it is ancient and so was wondering about good matches for it power cord and SPDIF coaxial wise.
Don't waste a lot of money on a power cord or a digital coax cable! If you must have a fancy AC cord a $90 Pangea from AA will do just as well as any three and four-figure cords. I have one in use! For a coax I have a $10 Monoprice. I have never fallen for the BS that spending more on a coax cable gets you "better" sound. 
Same thing for spending money on footers under the transport! Simply voodoo science!
Monoprice, Pangea and etc. will work just fine but anyone who has owned them, with a capable and resolving system will tell you there is a reason higher end brand that do cost more are better. It’s a miracle so many higher price manufactures have lasted so long being there’s no difference. 
Make sure the power cable is shielded well and the coax is at least a meter long. You don’t mention your budget so I’ll start with practical, not crazy expensive but are very good. Nordost Silver Shadow are heavily discounted and it’s a very good coax. 

Not tried one but many on here rave about Cullen Cable power cords for value for the money. I personally like WyWires Digital Power Cords but new they’re going to be more, but they show up used. On the Cullen Cable, I’m sure if you contact them, they will suggest what PC for digital components as they have several series.

If you can find used, you’ll likely save a lot and end up with a better cable than buying new… you just might have to wait awhile. 
There are several digital cables that I would recommend.  Kimber Kable D-60 - Cerious Tech Graphene, and the Jorma digital cables.  Some of recommendations say otherwise but since I have tried close to 50 digital cables, these are some of the best for the money.

If you want to sell the transport, let me know. It is my favorite having one along with a Metronome, CEC, Pro-Ject, Nano, etc.  That transport just makes beautiful music.

Happy Listening.

Budget? Without that every suggestion is pretty much moot. While I’m not a big fan of Audioquest’s IC’s etc. I do like their SPIDIF and power cables. I use other PC’s these days, but it was Audioquest that made me a PC “believer”. I use a Blue Jeans coax with my transport, currently. I’ve used other, more high end cables and for the most part, little difference. They use very high quality cabling. You get options to install exactly what you need. 

Research this player to find past written reviews. Then, decipher the Cables/Cords preferred by said Audio reviewer.
Another option, check the net for Audiomeca reviews, in general. Then, look for Cabling options utilized by Audio reviewers.

Happy Listening!
i have a Calif Audio lab Icon Mk 11
CD player with both digital and analog outputs

in my pre amp section of my Peachtree 150 there is only a single coax input
should I use the coax or the analog input?
I have a Cambridge CXN V2 streamer that has coax ,analog and optical outputs 
Which output from the streamer should I be using ?
my initial thought is CD to analog since it can’t go beyond 44.1khz and coax for the streamer????? Or optical ?  

Has anyone tried Blue Jeans Cable?
ive used them for several years
not costly but nice sound transfer 
Nice player, but if you find power and coax cord differences you have a problem.
Thanks guys.
I ended up using what I had on my previous transport - Aural Symphonics Echelon Digital SPDIF and Cardas Clear Beyond Power.
They sounded a bit edgy at first when i tried them on the Mephisto but sound fine now. I guess it was probably because the Mephisto needed to settle in as the previous owner had not used it for a while.
I am wondering now if a reclocker will make a difference since the clock in the Mephisto is older technology
Triode Wire Labs specialty is cables that will take away digital glare and edginess but retain detail. Their power cords are very effective IME.
I have not used SR's digital cable [mine is a VooDoo], but I do have some of their Foundation interconnects, and I am quite impressed w/them ~ I think they hit their trickle-down target of offering high quality at reasonable cost.  Will almost certainly get a pair of the speaker cables soon...