Power cord replacement where first?

Hoping someone will help determine which component deserves first power cord upgrade( most benificial). Prima Luna Prologue 2, music hall cd25 or old kenwood receiver everythings connected with audio art ic3. Looking at Kimber PK14 as my first PC upgrade.

There are lots of thoughts and opinions on this. From doing a a quick search in the forum archives in older threads members said they used PK14 on their CDP and/or DACs. Some say you should put your best cord on your source as everything starts there. Others will say different. I'd start at the source. Do you have the PK14 already? You can experiment and see which will work too.

Good luck
Source then Power Amps.
Agree the source should get the PK-14. Though trying it on the Prima Luna would be a good idea too.
Sometimes the theory is not the best in practice!
Good luck.
Your integrated's presentation has an effect on EVERYTHING flowing through the system. Any improvement there, would be most beneficial.
I would ask which of the products, if any, came with an adequate cord. Are any of the ones you have closest to the mark? Maybe some are in greater need of an upgrade than others? Or are you asking: Assuming the same fair but not great cord for each, which upgrade would have the most marginal benefit (i.e., bang for the buck)?

Slightly off topic, but I have purchased about 8-10 cords over the past 3-4 years. I have found almost no correlation between cost and quality (however subjectively determined). For example, there is a great cord from a company called Tube Audio Design which sells a great and usable cord for $30 (discounted heavily). I have paid $350 for a "better" brand and not liked it much. Very hard to quantify.

PS I've no affiliation with the co. referenced. Only contact was buying the item with my PayPal acct.
Do a search on shielded versus non-shielded then experiment.
Looking forward to your impressions regarding which component you think has the best result with the PC.
The digital source is what I'd suggest, the upgraded power cord will both improve the input to the CD player and also filters the digital nasties that are outputted into your power supply from the CD player. Two for one. None of the other components need both input and output improvements from the PC.
Like Eliz says, try it on both. Let us know your thoughts.
Thanks for the input I do not have the Kimber pc yet but, also looking at zu, audio art. Anything I can find under 100 dollars really. But I never thought of experimenting after I purchase it haha. Good thought . I also haven't changed speaker cable. I guess I should look into that as well. Basically I want to improve my system by adding to what I already have before considering changing existing which I really don't want to do
I still have monster xp speaker cables. Maybe I should replace them first?
I'm surprised nobody suggested upgrading your power to your wall outlets first. Dedicated 20amp lines for amps and source will make a much bigger improvement than power cords.
Upgrade all cords with Pangea and call it a day, for less money. I was very impressed.
Glad to hear things might get even better with a dedicated 20 amp line.
My experience: CDP:phono stage:power amp in that order. Smallest difference was with my pre-amp and power conditioner. I would do CDP first then integrated amp. Depending on what you're looking at, make sure you get a shielded cable for the CDP, not really needed for the int amp.
So I put it on the cd player. Definite improvements! Haven't pinpointed it yet, but music just sounds more.... "Right" definitly quiet or more quiet than stock. Listening is so much easier. Listening for many hours has become a much more common occurrence. I have not yet tried it on the amp and might do so for comparison, but I'm extremely pleased with the way things are sounding. And I paid $108 shipped for 6th, so I consider that a bargain. Thanks again everyone for the input
Every cord Line conditoner then Preamp.