Power cord replacement on a Node 2?

Anyone experience any gains in swapping the stock C7 power cord for something a bit better? I'm thinking about changing to a Pangea AC 14SE MKII. Will I see some improvement to warrant the $49?

I felt it was worth it on the Sonos w/Wyred mod...
I did exactly that on my Node 2, but can't say I'm thrilled.
Thanks for the reply,

Thrilled meaning it made it worse or no improvement?
Use one of these https://www.amazon.com/SF-Cable-prong-plug-receptacle/dp/B004OC56RM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=14913... and you can use any power cord you want.
Objectively speaking there's nothing. If I convince myself then yeah, probably something a bit positive, but really nothing to rave about.

One thing that really changed its sound to great was when I connected it to my preamp thru my Marantz 8004 player. Got audibly better sound than through connection straight to the pre.
This is a least common denominator change. What would you expect to get from a $50 cord? In order to get some serious changes you have to spend some money, not see how cheap you can be. :(
Seems like a lot of people are getting excellent results with low cost Pangea power cords with other components. I'm not sure spending big bucks always equates to serious changes.
Douglas_schroeder - are you suggesting to get a $500 or more expensive power cord for a $500 product, which has a microscopic power supply? Have you seen what’s inside of that device?
I’ve replaced power cable with great results. But I also use very good IC’s also AND I connected it via Ethernet cable to my LAN.

NOTE: I also use standard IEC connectors + an adapter from Take Five Audio to fit the smaller plug required for the Node 2.

Unfortunately the power cord and IC’s that I use are my own "recipe", so you have to be a keen DIY’er to go that route(see below)



Having said that Pangea do make some fine power products at reasonable prices. They should provide discernible improvements

My persona;l belief is that cables are just as important as components, so I tend to use very good cables on all my gear regardless.

The best commercially available cables I have found to date are from KLE Innovations. They are not cheap, but their entire line provides excellent results - I have reviewed almost all of their IC’s and Speaker cables - but not their power cables

The Node 2 is capable of very good sound quality, but installing great power and IC cables elevates its performance to a whole new level.

Having said that, a single power cable upgrade will not yield the best results either. I have recently focused my attention to the the entire "power corridor" in my system

In my case I also have...
- a dedicated line with a hospital grade MRI outlet
- a power distribution box with MRI outlets with internal bus style wiring
- silver plated copper IEC + Mains connectors on all Power Helix mains cables

Coupled with that - all of my IC’s utilize KLE Innovations RCA plugs.

So, the performance level you achieve really depends on how far you are willing to go.

But in my opinion the Node 2 is well worth going the extra mile :-)

Regards, steve
your only risk in trying one is the $5 return shipping cost