power cord recommendayion

hi all,
we have a pioneer dv47a dvd player and a acurus act3 abm pre/processor for home theater use. looking for power cords to bring the best out of each component. appreciate any advice which power cord plays best with these components. thks in advance.
It all depends on how much money you want to spend. PS Audio has cords on their website including demos, opened boxes, etc. I recently bought all new cords, including the C7 for my DVD player and standard AC connectors. Return in 30 days if not satisfied. Works for me.
You can't go wrong with a used Harmonic Tech's Pro AC-11. The used price is about $100 for 1M.
Don't know anything about your equipment but an inexpensive good all-around cord is the Supra Lo Rad. ($80) new.
Not sure about what power cord is best..as that doesn't exist IMHO. If you're looking for a good heavy duty power cord, how about some Volex 14 gauge power cords. Go to page 7. The model numbers are 17604/C3-25/10 for the 2 meter( $6.28 Each when you buy two) and 17605/B1-50/10 for the 3 meter($8.90 Each when you buy two). These should be sufficient for your needs.

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Try Signal Cable. One digital and one power cable should do it.

BMI Cables Hammerhead Silver Statement is the perfect synergy match.

my recommendation is cardas golden ref , it is easy and very musical cable, a bit expensive but u get what u pay for.
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Hi Ramesh, Long time since. Try the Isoclean Focus power cords. They work like a charm. This is the best value for all they make.

Email me when you have time.
You can't go wrong using the one that came with it.
I thought BMI bumped the prices 10x to serve those desiring to spend big bux overseas market, how about sugesting a comparable performing product for less?

Hi Ramesh, how's things in Singapore. I recently bought some Marinco IEC connectors and hospital grade plugs from Parts Express and made up some power cords that sound very good for not a lot of money. Signal Cable uses the 10 ga. Carol wire that can be purchased from Parts Express, but I use a finely stranded silver plated 8 ga. wire that I purchased locally for $1 a foot that sounds even better. The wire is made by a company called The Memphis Connection.
I am sorry for my past response. BMI Cables makes an excellent power cable. It's just I am broke and wish could afford the BMI hammerhead silver cable.
hello ! Can anyone discribe the performance of pcord hammerhead silver compared the gold and wich one would be sutable for preamp and the other one for cd..?..will appreciate.thx
Furutech never dissapoints - at least in my setup

A more affordable approach is from DH LABS - they perform very well for the price

But you really should try a few because you might find, for example, that there is no perceivable difference between between Furutech and DH Labs in your setup - so why pay a premium?

Hope this helps
DH Labs Power cables with good connectors such as Furutech, Oyaide or Neotech.