Power cord recommendations for Martin Logan Ascent

I was wondering what people are using for power cords with there martin Logan speakers??. Thanks for any help.
I use Belden 17605 power cords on my SL3s. Basic and very inexpensive.
Different power cords have different voicings. Some are warm, some are fast, some are boom-and-tizz. I'd suggest a warm power cord for the Ascent, such as a Shunyata. Yeah I sell 'em, but you can probably find a better deal used.
I'm using some custom made silver cords on my SL3's. If interested e-mail me. I also have exotic cords and the customs were as good at a fraction of the price. Steve
When this loudspeaker was reviewed by Stereophile the reviewer, Wes? said changing out the powercords made no sound difference to him....I have all Shunyata in my system but have left the cords to the logans as heavy gauge Belden...I never tried Shunyata's on them, be real interested if any difference in the sound.
Don't believe everthing you read from the reviewers! I own two sets of Martin Logans,Sequels and now Odyssey's and I myself have heard a change by using aftermarket power cords,It's not as big a change as on amps or preamps, or source units. I first tried Cardas Golden cross, and then the Whale Elite MK II's. I guess it depends on your power company,house,wiring,etc.
Thanks for your post Statman. I am using Carads Quadlink 5 c's right now. I had put on a pair of Cardas Golden Reference and the sound did change. The Golden Reference seemed to take away from the highs where as the Quadlink doesn't. After trying that, I know that power cords on the Martin Logans do make a difference, at least in my system, contrary to what other people may say. I like the Quadlink, but feel that there is still something better (as I'm sure there is with everything) and that's why I am looking at other options. Thanks for your post.
I agree, with being critical about reviewer's ' opinions '.
My friend tried Cardas Power Cords with his Logans and the best XLO Power Cords.
Normal power cords work, but the music is a bit slow, less dynamic.
He prefered the XLO, the music was more alive and he thinks the high frequency area is much better.
(He's using two Rowland Model 8 amps)
I was very succesful using the MIT $100 each they
sound good,i notice transient and bass improvement
much quiter with black background.