Power Cord Recommendations for Cal Audio CL2500

Would like recommendations for after market PC for my CAl CL2500 CD/DVD player. Budget - 200-300 used. Thank you.
My CAL Tercet loved the Shunyata Black Mamba. The Van den Hul Mainsstream would also be worth trying.
I second the Shunyata Black Mamba. I have one on my Sony DVP-S9000ES and it really lets it sing.
Definately the BM, but also consider the Audience powerChord. It's amazing in a CD/DVD, especially for the price.
Be careful with the Black Mamba. The earlier editions rolled off the highs and really extented the bass. If this is something you desire, it will be a great pc for you. I believe the later Black Mamba’s, possibly named MK II, don’t have this characteristic. Another cord you may consider is the ZU Cable Mother. They offer a 60 day trial and make some great cords for the money — I have no affiliation with them.