Power Cord recommendations for a First Watt SIT3

Anyone with a SIT-3 have a power cord recommendation?


My 1976 Mcintosh MC2100 has a non removable power cord. I love the sound but wonder what's missing?

What gauge is the stock cord supplied with the pass amp? If I’m not mistaking it’s a 14 gauge power cord and it is not bad. However, I have owned two Pass Labs amps and both benefitted from a power cord upgrade. 
I used Shunyata Taipan Alpha Helix with the X250.5 and had good results with Audience powerChord as well.
With the XA30.8 that I currently have all of the following power cords were an improvement over the stock cord: TWL Seven Plus, Acoustic Zen Krakatoa, Acoustic Zen Gargantua II, Furutech FP-S55N (currently on the amp).

FWIW I ended up keeping the Furutech on the amp and kept the TWL for preamp.

You won’t know until you try and hear it for yourself. The TWL cord comes up on used market once in a while, does not cost an arm and a leg and you can sell it and break even. Nothing to lose except keeping yourself wondering. 

It probably sounds good with the stock cord but wow if you can't hear the change in sound from different power cords you need a new hobby.  I'm always like and I'm out on that guys opinion forever when they say power cords or any cords don't make a difference to the sound, and chances are they are just talking without any experience.  The Sit 3 will definitely respond to different power cords.  On the cheaper end of the spectrum I like the Audio Envy power cord.  

if you can't hear the change in sound from different power cords you need a new hobby.

YES !!! If your hobby is listen to power cords.

If your hobby is enjoy listening to music then you don't need to.

in the manual for my amp, mr pass clearly states that the amplifier is designed to perform well with the supplied power cable.