Power Cord Recommendations

I'm currently using stock power cords for the following components :

McCormack DNA 0.5 Amp..
Modwright SWL 9.0 Pre-amp..
Rega Saturn CDP..

Power cords need to be flexible due to lack of shelf space..
Is there ONE power cord that I could use for all 3 components for a DIY project ?
Are you asking to buy ONE longer cord and cut it up into several for the several items?
If so, then for an inexpensive cord, a Shunyata Venom 3.
The wires are not complicated inside of it.
I would NOT recommend a Pangea 9 gauge at all, as it is thick, complicated, and the other diameter would preclude nearly any connectors available.
Though the 14SE could be done, though the conductors are complicated multi wires in the sheath.
I use Acrolink with Furutech F1 connectors or Oyeida...very happy with the results.
What parameters are you looking for in a cord upgrade.The only thing you mention is flexibility.Just curious.
Vh Audio Flavor cords........DIY or Factory assembled...
I've used both Kaplan Cables and Triode Wire Labs on my McCormack amp. The Kaplan is a little warmer sounding, but could be a bit much depending on the tubes in your Modwright. The TWL cable is clean, transparent and works well if you are using warmer sounding tubes in your preamp.

Both are excellent cables, depending on the sound you are after.
Tpreaves.... flexibility and modestly priced... Looking to purchase a 2m cord, and resize into 3 cords with right-angle IEC and PLUG connectors...
I just got some Supra AC cable for DIY, it is very flexible. Very reasonably priced.

I've had good results with Neotech NEP-3002 $19.95 a foot but they often sell it at 15 to 20% off.
John, I too have had positive results with Neotec NEP-series cable, using Furutech ends. The cable AND ends used the best copper available, Ohno Contiuous Cast (OCC). I built a pair using the 13g. cable and 25-series Furutech connectors and then a trio using 11g. cable and Furutech 28-series ends. I can't hear a difference between them; I use the 3 11g. cables into my PS Audio Quintessence powerconditioner and 2 poweramps and the 13g. cables into my preamp and Oppo multidiscplayer.

I'm no GEA, but the overall sounds of my system continue to improve, and I'm sure not removing that cable.