Power cord recommendation for Transcendent T8 OTL

Power cord recommendation for Transcendent T8 OTL mono blocks with Quad ESL63 speakers. Thanks.
You might want to check out Foundation Research LC-1, LC-2, and LC-3 in-line power conditioners. They are superior to aftermarket power cords (IMO) and cost about the same as a good aftermarket power cord.

The Foundation Research LC's are dedicated in-line power conditioners; one for each component and are very highly rated, though not well known.

The benefits I receive from my three LC's over stock and aftermarket power cords include: a much lowered noise floor, better imaging and soundstaging, and virtually eliminating any trace of sibilance.

There are at least two places in the U.S. that I am aware of that sell this Canadian made products: Sonicculture.com in California and analogshop.com in New York.

As I recall, both sights have little snippets describing how impressed they are with how well these work.

If you're going to spend $600 to $1200 per power cord, you might want to give these a try.

What are you looking for in a cord, more dynamics, details, frequency extension, etc. The AZ Tsunami worked well on my Pass Labs making it sound more relaxed and detailed than the Audience. JPS power AC is a good cord for the used prices and is a good overall performer. The analysis plus seem to extend both frequency extremes. I have not tried the higher priced cords yet myself but am planning to soon.

If your going to spend this much look at Sonoran PC at audiopoints.com. I purchased several of them and got some from some guys in Florida who extras on audiogon and they loved them. For less I have picked up Zu Meg stuff and you may want to give them a try.
I have a friend who has those amps. He uses the Pure Note Sigma PC and is quite happy. www.purenote.com
You may want to know that Bruce Rozenblitz, the Transcendent designer, does not think you need an upgrade power cord with his amp. I used to own his stereo OTL and could not tell the difference between the stock cord and an upgraded cord (I do use upgraded cords with other equipment). In fact, I sold my amp to a friend who told me he actually got better sound with the stock cord than with his Monarchy Audio cord. Go figure. The only thing I would say is that it is very system dependent so you need to try it out and hear it for yourself.
Good Luck
Why not make your own from the esteemed 2x12AWG in all-Teflon Belden 83802? I assemble kits including both connectors, an outer jacket, and full NO-SOLDER instructions to make one of these in 1/2 hour. Only $33 and you'll have a GREAT PC that will have fine detail, huge dynamics, and beacuse of its fine 12AWG braided shield, a VERY quiet noise-floor. Hence it makes great dedicated lines ($2.50/ft) also. Sorry to plug, but I'm trying to eradicate the slippery-slope of snake-oil one by one. Cheers. rnie 781 483-3922