Power cord recommendation for REL Strata III?

Hi. I don't have the ability to demo different power cords for my REL Strata III (unless you think Monster Cable and Tweeter salesman are capable of an audition). I'd like to get a PC for the REL but _really_ don't want to spend money with no idea what I'm looking for. I've tried a few high-end computer cords and they were absolutely horrible so I'm avoiding the DIY / Non-Audio Grade for now. $200 is a definite limit for me but $100 would be an ideal price point new or used. Thanks. leo.
It should be a least 2 meters long. I use a Vansevers 211 standard power cord with my Storm III
Look at diycable.com. Ol' Kevin builds the cables himself if you want, so don't be put off by the DIY thing. Try the asylum cord (which I have three of...and LOVE), or, if you're feeling a little saucy, go for the Straight Jacket. VERY VERY good stuff. Many lengths available. And the money goes to charity! Cheers! (p.s. no affiliation with Kevin...just love his stuff!)
You should demo cords from the cable company. Your rental will go towards the purchase. Try before you buy.
Only your ears will know the difference.
Question for Sugarbrie:
Why should it be at least 2m long?
Sugarbrie, I was wondering the same thing. Why 2m or longer? Thanks! leo.
If you believe that the power cord affects the sound (I do); I have found with my REL that a longer cord does a better job of "filtering"?? the AC. I originally had a One Meter Vansevers cord on it; the difference from the OEM cord was slighly better. With the Two Meter cord the difference was noticeably better than the OEM cord. I am not an engineer, so I can't tell you why technically, I just know what I hear. It was the same model Vansevers cord, just longer, so I figure the length matters.
That's a good enough explanation for me. :-) I didn't believe the power cord made a difference until I plugged the computer-grade cord in. It made a whole lot of difference... all bad. I tried moving speakers, subs, and equiment around. I made sure every connection, IC, speaker wire, and power cords were all tight. The sub still sounded like it was "farting." I put the original cord back end everything went back to normal. I was even telling a guy at work that I'm gonna try this and prove to myself it makes no difference what-so-ever what power cord I use about two hours earlier. I don't need to be convinced any further. Thanks! leo.