Power Cord Recommendation

I'm looking for power cord recommendations in the $300 (1 meter) price range for a single ended 5 watt 2 channel power amp. Anybody have any experience with this? Currently using a Pangea AC9  & would like to upgrade.  
Pangea offers good performance for a low cost, but you can do better. Look at Signal Cable with their 30 day return policy. Low noise floor and good power delivery.
Thanks for the recommendation lowrider

Big surprise for me was the Signal Cables. They have trounced big $$$ ones and much better sounding than Pangea they just sound dull and bright at the same time. You do not have to spend big dollars for quality cables.
Wywires Juice is on both my amps and phono stage after trying several more expensive PC’s.   They are also flexible and easy to route.

Like phillyb says - you do not have to spend big bucks to improve sound over stock cords.

Kimbers do make good cables
Absolutely Kimber is tried and proven to be solid especially from entry models to the select series.  It comes down to tastes and system preference but I will always have Kimber either in the system or on the bench.

i have tried almost every Kimber SC and IC but never a PC, my post above was a bit off topic from the OP.
Audience,  Cerious
The lower cost Transparents are also quite good
Thanks for all the advice. Much appreciated.  
Noticed absolutely no difference in sound with Signal Cable vs stock power cord. Recommend Audio Art Cable 
For me best low cost power cord is an audience, they are generally between 2-3 hundred used.
Currently using a Pangea AC9?  .....   Not really a good match for the type of amp you have.The AC9 is designed for high current amps. Its brutal. 
You need something more nuanced with excellent smooth detailed sound. I would look at the Pangea AC-14SE MkII.  And, go for two meters even if you need a short cord. It could sound better.   I had an AC9. Got rid of it.  I believe your amp would sound better with the AC -14SE Mkll. The Cardas copper it uses can make your amp sound sweet and open. http://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=PGAC14S2
I have had a bunch of modestly-priced PC over the years, including several from Pangea and Signal Cable in my fairly high-end system, and none of them made a wit's worth of improvement in the sound of my system.  However, recently I bought a Shunyata Venon 3 PC for $100 and a Silnote PC for $120 and both were a very worthy improvement in the sound of my system.  I also bought the Cerious Technologies Graphene Express PC for $350 and it is even better than the Shunyata and Silnote PC's.  I will say that with all three PC in mentioned that the improvement in sound was immediately apparent when they were swapped into my rig...  the improvement was clear as a bell from the get-go.  I scoffed at the notion of PC for years, but I am now a complete devotee.  All these PC can be auditioned with 30-day return policy.   
Power cords are power cords.  They do not transmit audio information.  Do your research and do waste good money on bad information.
+1 dynaquest4

Do your research, here is a great explanation of how little influence a power cord has on how your system sounds:

I have limited experience with trying different cables but I can tell you that I have had several Richard Gray Power Cables and never was sure they made a noticeable improvement in sound.I decided to take the plunge and invest in 2 Shunyata Python 20 amp cables for my ARC amp and pre.I was sold on them after 15 min of listening.They really got rid of that low level noise that I never knew was there.I was hearing things in the music that I never before.There are literally hundreds of  cable companies out there and many make fine cables but I have only tried 2.

Thanks for all the advice, opinions, & information. I took a chance (as well as your advice on not spending a lot) & bought the ConneX-79463 power cable from Parts ConneXion. This is a silver plated OCC cable with carbon fiber/rhodium plated ends. The sound is great. Much smoother, wider, deeper, dynamic, & 3D than the Pangea. I'm not sure if they cook them before selling them but as mentioned by Whitestix above, the improvement was immediate.

genez, I tried the AC-14 before on this amp & for whatever reason (it was only a meter so that could be it), it didn't really improve anything. I currently have that going to my preamp & it's working well, although I'll probably but another ConneX-79463 to try there as well at some point in the future.

Again, Thank you!

Does anyone know a good source for a 12/3 cord? For the life of me I can'r find one under $90.
2channel8 / Parts Connexion has part number DHLabs-64435 $8.00 a foot for 12/3
The power cable I use and like very much is KLEI gPower3 AC power cable.   I find the resulting sonics to be very natural, real, resolved, and it has made my listening experience even more very enjoyable. 
Thanks boxer12. I was looking for a simple replacement cord,as the one that came with my integrated is somewhat loose on the female end and is only 18 G. I did find this one after I posted. I think it is as good as I'm going to find without going totally high-end. There seems to be little available between  $20 and $120 and I simply don't believe you can make electricity better than what comes from the wall with the last 6" of conductor.

I spent my money making sure the dedicated circuit that my system is on is as simple and short as possible, with 12 G and a good, clean ground. Of course, I could be wrong. I just wish I had a friend nearby that I could a/b with to find out.