Power Cord Reco for a Tube Int. Amp & CD Player?

I am currently using the stock power cords for both my tube integrated amp (VAC Avatar) and the CD player (Rega Planet 2000). They are both pretty quiet during operation with only 1 exception - when I turn the CD player OFF and leaving the amp ON. Then again, should I really care about that since it is only the 2 seconds before I turn the amp off anyway?

If I decide to switch from stock to branded power cords, what difference should I be expecting? I suspect that it largely depends on the wall outlet. Then again, how can I tell whether I have a "good" outlet or a "bad" one?

And if I decide to give it a college try, what would be a good power cord recommendation in the $200 range (used) or under, for each of my 2 components? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your help.
Try an AC Master Coupler for the cdp. They pretty much go for about $150 here. You will probably be surprised by the difference. I think that you'll find that there is a greater difference (read, improvement) by employing PCs on your sources as opposed to your amps. I also like Audience PowerChords, but they tend to run a little more than $200.

Also, when you're able to expend the funds, try some power conditioning. PS Audio, Monster, Tice--they're all worth a try.

Either way, have fun!
I dont think that is a wise usage of money. amplifiers are all designed to deal with what the wall outlet gives you,,,If you have power issues out of the outlet, the only thing a "better" cable would do, is transmit that "problem" into the amp "better"?

I do not even know where to begin with your response. Yes, having dedicated lines would be a good investment but to say that better power cords will just transmit power problems "better" is just wrong. There are many threads in A'gon that talk about the benefits of after market power cords.

Stevenkc, there are many. Two that I use with great success are the Blue Circle models, BC61 and BC62, and Kimber PK10. Both in your price range. Neutral, dynamic with great bass. With tubes, maybe also try a silver PC?

They will make a difference.

The asylum is heavily biased towards cable issues anyway,,,There is no denying that the amps are designed to operate optimally with power from the wall...not even sophisticated military equipment use special power chords...
But anyway, to each their own.