Power cord recmd. sought for Audiomeca Enkianthus

Anyone have a recommendation for a flexible power cord for use with an Audiomeca Enkiathus or DACs in general? Basically, I'm looking for a high-end cord for my digital front end which will not cause cable drag as I have the Enkianthus on a set of Aurios isolation discs.
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I have used string to hold up power cords inserted into components resting on Aurios MIB's. One brand that is very lightweight is Mapleshade Clearview Double Helix Mk II power cord Plus version. It is shown on Mapleshaderecords.com
Lowered the noise floor, increased transient speed, and increased dynamics. Looks peculiar, and home-made, but is relatively easy to suspend so that it does not cause cable drag. Performed best when directly plugged either into AC wall outlet, or into Mapleshade power strip, as that way there is no apparent limiting of AC power.

I have used the ekianthus for the past 3 years and upgraded it to the x version (new chip). I use the audiotekne power cord which is very flexible and also keep me system suspended. This works very well and was much better than stock. I found many cords just to heavy to do this. If you have any questions drop me a note

I have the Mephisto and recommend you try the Omega Micro lcx with it. Not only are they relatively light weight (and somewhat tweaky but once in no big deal) they are outstanding on the Mephisto. And for that matter on other digital as well.
I actually brought the Omega home to audition. I never hooked it up. Much too delicate for my tastes. The thin wire connecting to the wood box was enough for me to see. I was lucky I managed to wrap it up without damaging it. I know I said flexible, but I need something a little sturdier than tooth floss.
Stew3859 you might give the TG Audio cords a try as they are flexible.......Thta is a nice DAC and would work well with the SLVR cord......Oh, I own TG Audio BTW, but saw your plight......Contact me for a dealer close to you.....
Since the manufacturers are jumping in this post, I just can't say NO.

Although the Carbon Ribbon Source Cord is relatively a new product this year. Five out of Six people that have participated in the home trial have purchased it. A five foot cord weighs 1 pound and is extremely flexible.

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