Power cord questions?

I own a pair of Martin Logan ascents should I use power cords on the speakers? Is there a diffrence? I use all harmonic tech cables. Associated equipment:Levinson 39
levinson 335
Logan ascents
harmonic tech.
Hi Lev 335,
I'm using Cardas Golden cross, about to be changed to the Whale elites on my Odysseys. As you know every little tweak sometimes helps more so than others. I've noticed an increase in resolution using aftermarket p/c's. not as much as changing the cords with equipment, but noticable.

I'm using MIT 2 for my MLs. These were recommended by ML. I don't really care for these cords on source or amplifiers, but for e-stats drawing very little current they have worked out very well. I'm guessing it's due to the filtering/network on the cord--it reduced the noise floor a bit. I will be curious how the Whale works out for Vern. I've read very good things about this cord, particularly for amplifiers, but do not know if it's cost justified for the low current demands of e-stats. Hopefully Vern can give us an update once he's had some time to break the cord in and listen a while.
I run KimberKable power cords. I love Kimber, these are the only cords to use, sound the best. Others may prefer other power cords, but that's because they don't own Kimber. Sure, you might be able to do better, but then you wouldn't have Kimber. Don't bash me becuase I like only Kimber, everyone knows kimber is the best.
So Chstob, what exactly are you saying? Are you recommending Kimber?
Couldn't resist.
I love Kimber, Kimber is the best. Others have their preference, but it is not as good as Kimber. Level of performance. Monster is so terrible. Kimber is so great, it is all I run. I love it. You can't do better than Kimber. You should try Kimber.
Hi Lev335...
I had the same question a few months ago so I played with 5 different power cords on my Quest Zs. I started with Synergistic AC Master Couplers and finished with BMI Whales. The results with all of the cords was virtually the same no matter which ones I used. There was very little (if any) improvement over the stock cords. I also tried plugging the cords into a line conditioner to see if that would help. Still virtually no improvement. Curiosity got the best of me so I emailed Martin Logan. I was told that power cords did not affect the sound at all because the speakers just needed a light electrostatic charge to operate. No "mega-current" cord was needed. After my experimentation, I have to agree. Spend your money on power cords for your components. Hope this helps...
There is a difference, as I stated before, not a huge one as changing cords on components, but it's there. You have to listen for an extended period of time, not just swap cords and try to hear a change! Also no offense, but the QuestZ is an older speaker that does not have the resolution that the newer speakers have attained. There are a lot of variables to take into effect, the age of the house, the age of the wiring, the type of wiring, and time of day, and state of mind when listening! if you could not hear a difference between 5 different cords then I guess we are all wasting our money on PC's. In my original post, I should have stated the EEL's instead of the Whales. The Whales are being placed on preamp and amp, the EEL's on speakers! You are correct in stating change cords on the components first! Of course Martin Logan is going to say that, they have to keep the production costs down.