Power cord...Quadlink 5 vs Twinlink


Have you owned these two power cables. If yes can you share what differences do they offer? Thanks,

I own the Quadlink, use it on my cdp and I think it offers warm, controlled bass and stronger sound as opposed to stock cable.
My very first power cord was the twinlink--My first quality speaker wire was Quadlinc.---But that was near 15 years ago. Cords are hard to recommend. What works well in one system;may not do that well in another system.--Then there's the --it may work well on your cd player but not on your pre-- My best rec. would be get an AU-24 --try it and see. I see them for 230 or so. You could resell it if you didn't like it.---Somehow I think you may keep it.
I own both cables and the Quadlink does sound a bit warmer and works well with cd players, small amps, power supply, preamps etc..etc...it`s a mid-line cable for Cardas. The Twinlink also works well with cd players, preamps, turntables....it`s a entry line cable. As you move up the Cardas line of cables they all get better but of course they`re more expensive.

happy listening
Thanks for the info.

I own the Quadlink and I am wondering if adding another Quadlink would be too much of a good thing. Therefore, I want know if the twinlink has similar signature of the Quadlink but offers a little less warm.

I don`t think adding another Quadlink would hurt your sound and if anything might ``balance`` out the rest of the system. To my ears the Quadlink is somewhat ``warmer`` than the Twinlink. Both are very good power cords for the money.

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Thanks...I will try them out and hear how they sound.
I try both the Quadlink & Twinlink on my CDP and here is

1. The Quadlink has strong sound, which may work well with layback sound CDP.

2. The Twinlink sounds similar to the Quadlink from the bottom to mid range; however, treble is a bit polite. This cable works well with CDP that has a bit of excessive high or bright system.

I like them both. They beat stock cord nicely.