Power Cord Priority

Just purchsed my first upgrade PC. Problem is I am not sure where to use it to get the most impact for the $$$ spent. Should I use it on my cd/sacd player or preamp? I run monoblocks so single cord not useful there.
try it on each. overall the digital source may be more sensitive, but preamps (esp tubed) are also very sensitive...
CD/SACD player first.
Recently I read that Nordost's opinion is to put the best power cord at the beginning, ie., from the wall to the power conditioner. I always used to start from the source first. Though often used to defend the idea of source as most important, it's funny how "garbage in = garbage out" can run both ways. Personally I am taking this advice and working from the wall out and so far I'm not disappointed. Spreads the benefit to everything. Your inevitable second cord going to the amp then the source.
Try it in all places and pick your favorite. Then try again in a couple weeks.
I appreciate each response. Conclusion appears to be to try the cd/sacd player first, then the preamp. Can't implement the wall to power conditioner since I am using an internally hard-wired surge-protecter/conditioner. Aagin, thanks for taking the time to pass your experience on to me.
If you don't plug into a conditioner, go first with your weakest power supply. That's usually your digital gear.
Would it be better to invest in a conditioner and use equipment mfg-supplied stock PC's or purchase quality PC's and not worry about using a conditioner? How much does a "good" conditioner cost???
For me, the VH Flavor 2 made a bigger difference on my Jolida amp than the Audience cord on my Prima CDP. Just the opposite of what you would expect according to above posts. In this case it is really worth trying and experimenting.

The VH audio come with a great 60 day return policy, the Audience can be easily found on Agon or resold if you don't like them. I would give both a try and return them if there's no improvement.

Good luck!
Forgot: I am pluggin the powercords directly into the wall. No dedicated lines (apartment!), but changed the receptacles to Hubbel outlets. Cheap and effective.
A Cardas Golden Reference made a big difference to my Arcam Alpha 9 CDP when I tried it, but little difference to the Arcam Alpha 10 integrated amp. On the other hand, a TG Audio HSR-A II really blew me away when hooked up to the amp - amazing increase in dynamics. You just have to try.

There is no power cord out there that can do what a power conditioner can. I replaced my power cords, years ago with Latinternationals. Was very happy. Then came my introduction into power conditioning via Audio Magic. Profound positve addition to my system. I didn't think the addition of an esoteric power cord could make a difference, but it did. Electric is very mystical, having profound and scientifically unexplainable effects on ones system. My experience has been:
Dedicated cryoed outlets + power conditioning + power cords = electric nirvana. Can be very costly, but worth it, IMHO
warren :-)

BTW, if $$ are a factor, and when aren't they?--go for a dedicated outlet and a cryoed outlet for your source, first. That's a start, and you can go from there....
I came to the same conclusion as Warrenh. Absolutly true: first power conditioning, than powercords. These two elements which are elevating the performance of my system to a very high level and let the equippment I have to show their capabilities.
Nanotweeter, if you can, go straight to the wall with your CDP and preamp, just to start. Then try your new PC in each application. Get your conditioner out of the way for the moment. They sometimes (oten, usually) do more harm than good unless and until you find the right one for your system. That's been my experience at any rate.
I agree with Drubin. I did not have good experience with power conditioners made by rotel & monster. These units cost about $200-300, they seem to do the job by filtering out noise but that also slow down music.
Agree with Warrenh and Ajahu. Go with a power conditioner -- it can also save your equipment from frying in certain circumstances. Plus, it helps clean the grunge out of the power more than a power cord can do.