Power Cord Order of importance

Currently,  I have Kimber Power Cords for the Amps and Pre-amp.  They are ok.  I have an Inakustic 2404 Power cord for my DAC.  I am buying a music server soon.  I am thinking about upgrading Power cords in two components.  Which components should get the reference level PC's?  I am probably going to spend around $3k for two new PC's.  

Mono Amps
Pre- Amp

I am looking for the biggest impact on sound quality from a component perspective.
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I’m with Eric, I’ve begun to build some PC’s but use Furutech shielded cabling and connectors.  Not cheap... but not 1000’s either...
I think the order of the components that you have listed is how I would rank the order of importance. The power amps are number one. They should be high current, thick gauge and well shielded. I think I would adjust your list by saying that the DAC and server are tied for last. 
Audio Envy cables have been getting a lot of interest lately. Relatively inexpensive but supposed to be exceptional! Do a search there is a decent amount of info out there. 
I would start with the coffee pot.
I finally splurged into upgrading power cords.  Amp, preamp, CD player and dual subs. Went with Patrick Cullen cables, Gold series. Patrick is a super nice guy, he got them made in 3 weeks. They look great. My system already sounded so good,  improvements are subtle but getting more pronounced as hours add on. Couldn't tell you which one was the biggest improvement since I switched them all at the same time. Only reason I finally went there is Michael Fremer's take on them, he feels bad for ones who think PCs don't make any difference. He is right and so far his advice on various components have been dead on for me, such as the PS Audio stellar phono preamp. That was a significant step up. Now waiting for an AVA vision SLR preamp, final upgrade for a while... It's taken already 6 weeks for the custom build, with hopefully only two more weeks to go, here is to hoping my patience will be rewarded.