power cord or power conditioner?

Which offers more bang for the buck? An upgraded power cord for my Jolida integrated amp or a power conditioner for all my components? Thanks
I don't care for the power conditioners I have used; the top PS Audio is suppose to be good but I haven't tried it. A good power cord will help but dedicated lines are the best investment.
I would have to say a good power conditioner for the reason that all of your components will benefit from the clean power. That said, if you are thinking about a PS audio ( I recently purchased this model) to get the best out of it you will have to buy a good power cord. Don't get me wrong it will improve the system with the stock cord but does require a quality cord to get the most out of it.

Best of luck!
I will be the first to admit how big a difference the PS Power Plant has made. I was using an older Chang Lightspeed filter before. The sonic benefit was as if I changed a major component. Better and more defined bass and a bigger more articulated sound stage.

It took a long time before I was willing to spend that kind of money on a power cord and power re-generator. My dealer who I do trust to always steer me in the right direction assured me it was the move to make.