power cord length for PS audio UPC-200 power cente

I need to mover my stereo equipment and the
UPC-200 cord isn't long enough. Would it
be okay to get a longer power cord?
As long a one as you need... you'll be fine. Be prepared for a slight change in the sound however when changing to a new supply cord for the 200. Every cord has it's own flavor.
You'll be fine. The first thing I did when I had my UPC 200 is change the power cord. I doubt if you will hear a change in the sound. Power cord changes to conditioners are much less pronounced than changes to audio components (esp. digital) themselves.
I need a cord for my 200. Anyone want to sell?
With respect to the other poster, I feel the supply cable to a filter or conditioner is key. The flavor of that cord introduces itself into the rest of the things plugged into the conditioner.

it does/has in all my systems.

All of my power cables, if used as supply cables will change the sound of the various components. If you run that 200 in high current, everything will become smoother and a darker background will result. If you divy things up by switching to the separate mode it'll be a bit more lively, by comparison. this is a minimal difference but definitely noticeable.

I've taken mine out of the audio system completely and use it for PC and peripherals.

See how you care for or don't, the orig cable, and choose from there. Neutral, lively, warmer, smoother... it's hardd for me to say what to use not knowing which way you want to proceed or waht stuff you will be supplying with it.

BTW... you don't really have to spend tons on the supply cord as a rule. it does hwoever infulence everthing downstream of it. No question.

DCCA, VooDoo, VAudio, Grundig, etc. the overall length might be the costly aspect though.
Blindjim. Thank you for your post. After reading your experience, I experimented with a couple of different cables and my power conditioner. Although, I do not have a UPC 200 anymore, I did notice a difference in sound when I switched cables.