Power cord length?

If I'm going to spring for an uber expensive cord-a 'final' purchase-say an MIT Oracle AC 2--is there any sonic benefit going to a 4 meter vs a std 2 meter? (I have absolutely no chance to audition). Technical details of 12 ft versus 6 ft power cord?
Get the exact length you need that will give the shortest distance to your outlet that won't interfere with your signal cables (and won't look like a temporary install - i.e. don't make it too short). If you have to cross over your signal cables, try do it at right angles or cut a piece of pipe insulation and put it around the power cable to maintain a gap between them. Done!
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make sure the length of the cord is at least the distance between the outlet and the component

After that, I don't think it matters
I owned the most expensive MIT powercables. These days I know they are not the best anymore. The make instruments and voices too big in proportion. And yes longer powercables often sound better than shorter ones.
5ft is the optimum length.
What is the opinion of those here on this thread?, Regarding the question, what is the sound difference between a 3ft, 5ft, 6ft, power cord?, Is it the presatation?, meaning, forward presatation-A,B,C, seating role from the stage of a musical event?, sound stage seating of H,I,L seating role from the stage of the musical event, which I prefer, sounds more believable, Does these specific Lenghths change the tone?, Will one lenghth give listener fatigue over the next lenghth?, answer the differences period you can hear between 3ft, 5ft, 6ft, power cords to the best of your knowledge, I look forward to the answers, cheers.
In the beginning Nordost sold only starting from 2 metres. After we tested a few 1 metre cabels I understood why.

But....beging commercial they started selling there powercabels also from 1 metre. How stuppid you can be.

The dynamics were better of the longer cables. Also the mid freq. had more boduf and sounded more natural.

In general a longer powercable is Always better in the lowest freq. When we gave a client a 1 metre and 1.5m version. Most of the time the bought the 1.5m version.
I suspect the only thing one could bank on and worth the worry is make it long enough to reach the outlet.
Hi Mapman, I hope you are correct, one would also need to consider the make and model of the power cord in question, I have a 3ft Tara labs cobalt power cord, you can understand the reason for my post above, have you ever noticed a change in the sound with different lengths?, I may ask Tara labs concerning this, Happy listening.
@ Mapman, Hi, As I said, I contacted Tara labs, their answer, does not make a difference in lenghth between 3ft that I have, 5ft,6ft, man, I was concerned there, as it turns out however, I do want to do test myself regarding this matter, maybe you could to, and tell me your findings.
I thought that the longer cables have more surface area to disperse/filter noise.
@ Leicachamp, Hi, I understand your thoughts here, you make sence with what you said, have you done test?, have you ever heard differences in lengths of 3ft, 5ft, 6ft, with the better power cords in the industry?
Leicachamp, you talking on the technical side of this; which was brought forward mu query.
As an example we've seen in school how standing waves set up. There are always reflections back into power cables; is length a factor there? Can there be an ideal length for our purposes-taking impedance, capacitance, reactance into consideration? What about distance to "boxes" a la MIT Oracle 2? Knowing so little allows for a lot of questions for as it is said out there, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I hope there's a braniac out there who "reflect" on this post.
@ Leicachamp, wow!, Tara labs sent another E-mail to me concerning power cable length, They said that the shorter 3ft cobalt power cable I have is more extended Band-width over a 6ft power cable, the power travels a shorter distance thru the 3ft power cable, than the 6ft, I am going to E-mail them back and ask if there is an affect on the sound stage presatation?, if the sound is to forward, I will be very angry, If a forward presatation happens, I will not use this exspensive power cord, lets hope I get good news!, extended band-width means, by their terms, more open sound, more resolution, better defined bass that is controlled better, extended highs with more detail, over all clearer sound,a more vivid mid-range, you get the picture?, kinda makes sence to me what they said here, my experiments yields, a shorter speaker cable sounds better than a long speaker cable, like 6ft speaker cables sound way better than 10ft speaker cables, or 8ft speaker cables, this would be very good if the power cable is the same as speaker cables in this regard!, I will up-date my findings from Tara labs about power cable length here, cheers.
I will also add, In all my exsperience with Tara labs cables, with all lengths, other than power cables that I do not have extensive exsperience with, No Tara labs cables has ever had a forward sound, so likly their reply will say the same, I'm currently not using the power cord untill I get my digital player, cannot use it on the amp, the power cord is hard-wired onto the Krell 700cx amp, cheers.
Tara labs said, their is very little, if any presatation difference with 3ft, 5ft, 6ft with the Tara Labs cobalt power cable, and the presatation in no way is forward sounding period, cheers.
Nobody on earth can hear the difference between a 3' and 6' power cord.
The difference between 1 metre and 2 metre powercables from Nordost was very clear. There was no education need for it!! I did compare Vishnu and Valhalla 1 metre with 2 metre.
Hi Judy, I hope you are correct on this one for sure!, How have you been doing?, I hope all is well, Have you made any changes to your system lately?
Nordost did not sell less than 2 metres for a long time. But they change it for commercial benefit.

In the beginning they said that you should not make your cable less long than 2 metres.

One month ago I had contact with the distributer of Nordost in my country. I asked him about this issue. He agreed that for many years they did not want it. Cause of the commercial benefit they changed it.
Hi Audiolabyrinth,

so are there new cables comming out from Taralabs?
Hi Bo1972, The New Tara Labs cables are Here Now, The new models are- The Air Forte, The Air Evolution with solo HFX grounding station, there is two versions of this cable. The new 0.3, that comes in two versions, The ISM on Board and the HFX grounding station version., The New Zero Evolution with HFX grounding station, this new cable supercedes the Zero Gold by 75% performance, the matching speaker cables to the new Zero Evolution is called, The Omega Evolution speaker cables, Then Tara Labs Has An all new flag ship cable called, The Grandmaster Evolution with Dual mono block HFX grounding station that has a mere 2 pf per foot, and the New Grandmaster speaker cables are 000 gauge per channel speaker cables, thats an area of 85,000 square millimeters per channel with 288 conductors per channel,, cheers.
There will allways be a loss in any stranded cable, no matter of price.
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