Power Cord/Interconnects for Arcam DV78

Just recently purchased this fine player, and I'm looking for suggestions for a power cord and interconnects (that won't break the bank).

My system requires me to use the analog output of the DVD player; currently I'm running some Audioquest Diamondbacks to my Classe Preamp while I think things over.

I HIGHLY recommend Virtual Image power cables and interconnects. The V.I. interconnects replaced Straightwire Crescendo's in my system and the V.I. power cables are far superior to Ensemble Mega Power Flux power cables that I used to use. I used to use Ensemble power cables then heard about V.I. from a friend and decided to give them a try. The first power cables that I recievd were the Virtual Image Sledgehammers, and immediatly noticed a big improvement over the Ensemble. Then, V.I. introduced the Pile Driver power cable and that was an improvement over the Sledgehammer. If you are interested in trying the Virtual Image cables, e-mail Al at virtualimage@juno.com. Virtual Image also offers a 30 day money back return policy.
I have the DV-89, It is connected with a Voodoo cable Silver Dragon P/C, BEL- the wire audio I/C's and Synergistic Research component cables. Also 6 Outlaw Audio I/C's for DVD-Audio. Everything it does is outstanding. Enjoy, enjoy your DV-78.
Analysis plus.

Did you say DVD !!!   First off if your not using a bluray you are missing out on the Hi def audio and video (1080p)...DTS Mater Audio and Dolby True HD which blows DVD out of the water.  I don't mean to be funny but it might as well be an 8 track tape....UNLESS YOU ARE USING IT FOR A cd player.

   That being said the Shunyata Tron Alpha Digital cords are absolutely amazing on any digital source....