Power Cord gauge, Could it be the problem

I am far from being an electrician
I trade in a M2Tech EVO Clock against a PS Audio AC 12 power cord at HiFi Heaven.
It is a 8 AWG gage cord.
I thought ,  the bigger - the better. I had a good price for the clock , so why not a good power cord.
When l connected my McIntosh power amp in a power conditioner ( APC H15 ) , the power conditioner went out of order :  ´´ one of the inner relays is welded ´´ appears on the screen.
After chatting with the service department ,APC will give me an other one.
I have read on the web that this ´´ inner relays welded ´´ is not rare.
I connected my power amp with that cord in the wall socket and every thing is fine.
Now, I am afraid to reconnect the cable to the new power conditioner when I will receive it.

Could it be because of the cord gage  vs  the conditioner capacity ?
My amp was connected to the ACP before with McIntosh power cord without probleme.

Maybe , a short class  about power cords gage , would be OK 
I have read many many post here without finding an explanation.


It's not the power cord gauge that's the issue the conditioner simply can't provide your amp with sufficient power/current. Keep the amp plugged into the wall and use the conditioner for your other components.
Thanks Jond
the idea with the power conditiner was the surge protection.
It has also many sockets in the back panel so l do not need 5 wall sockets for connecting all my gear. 
Yes, l have been told ,the best for an amp. is direct trought the wall socket.

The power cable , did not have anything to do, with the probleme, I have encounter with the power conditioner. The power conditioner was simply defective.
But ,l have learn, from cables manufecturer ´´ Bis Audio ´´ that the guage do not have anything to do with the quality of a power cord.
The quality comes mostly from the material (alloys)that is used to build the cable.
I tought the 8 awg was better than 12 awg , but I was wrong.
that’s it ,that’s all
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Thanks  Elizabeth
l will wait to get my new ( or refurbiched ) APC 15 power conditioner, to ask the company’s technician about the my 8 awg cord.
When  ,I contacted them , In the begining, I have never mentionned that.I tought ,they could say it was my fault, and refuse to honor their waranty.
Until I have their answer, my MC 8207 will be connected in the wall socket.
l will write their answer  here.
Thanks again

There is no probleme with APC H15 Power Conditioner.
There is no probleme with a low guage power cord.
The way  l understand it now is that I have made a mistake when l have connected those two togheter. Both devices were ´´ on ´´.
l was just too exited when I received the power cord and wanted to connect them to quickly.
Hight power amp. Plus a low guage cord do the rest.
I have connected the new unit l have received as a replacement.
Turn everything  ´´off ´´ in the first place and then , turn everything ´´ on ´´ and the APC H15 just works fine.
This is ´´experience ´´ that is coming in.