Power cord from speaker cables?

I have an extra 1.5m pair of Cardas Golden Hexlink 5C speaker cables and also some Audio note copper cables.
Can I use these for making power cords? My system comprise
Capitole MKII and KR8000 monos. At present I'm using stock cords. Many thanks for your contribution.
KR8000 draw alot of juice. I don't know the diametre of the hexlinks -- but I would make sure I'm within regulation size for the amperage required. Don't do antyhing before you get feedback from the likes of Sean!

Nice system, though. What's the rest?
Why not contact George Cardas and ask him?
George Tice is doing that nowadays...
Some of the Audioquest cords are the same as the speaker cable. They just put on a different outer jacket, so it looks different.
Please contact Cardas, and maybe they should do it. Don't want to violate any electrical codes and fry you, your equipment or your house.
Gregm: The Hexlinks are thick cables, about one inch in diameter. My other gears are Castle Harlechs speakers, ANVx interconnects and Cardas Golden Hexlink 5C speaker cables. With the arrival fo my new Capitole, I got rid of my KR P150 preamp. The speakers are soon to be replaced by better ones from a shortlist of: Piega P10, Piega P8 Ltd, Ars Auris SOL, Kharma Ceramique 2.0 and Vienna Acoustics Malher. I'm thinking of waiting for the Las Vegas show of Jan 03 to decide.
You should know that the Cardas conductors are individually coated and must be tinned using a solder pot before terminating.I use Cardas hook-up wire quite alot and have experience working with it.So unless your familiar with this process it can be a daunting task.Other than that the Quadlink certainly has a large enough wire guage and as was suggested I'm sure Cardas would do it for you.
Gthrush1, Jfrech: Thanks for directing me towards George Cardas who has quoted me $200 two cords, all parts included. Is it a good price?