Power Cord from Museatex DAC and transport

Been eyeing a used Moray James power cable, for both the DAC, transport and even maybe my Simaudio i-5080. Any thoughts? I presently use a Moray James Digital Coax from my Museatex DAC to transport, and find it a wonderfull cable.
nObody own this DAC or use a Moray Cable?
I have the dac. I also have the Moray James cable. I think it is a very good cable for use with the dac. I have found that the Ensemble Megaflux to be better and currently use it on my dac. Improvements over MJ include lower noise floor, better detail and improved dynamics.
I have heard that the MJ digital IC is very hard to beat with the bitstream dac. The power cable, perhaps not.
I have the Moray James digital cable between my computer music server and my Audiomeca Enkianthus X dac and love it. I also like the Zanden and Stealth digital cables. As for power cables, I have had tons and am now using the Moray James on my Supratek Cabernet , Audiomeca dac, and music server, with Michael Wolf's latest gain cords on my mono amps. It seems to be a very nice combination.