Power Cord for which COMPONENTS????

I was wondering which components, digital source, preamp, or amp, will benefit the most from Shyn. Mamba power cord?
Based on the discussions here it seems the popular opinion is to start with source. My experience was different. Putting one on the pre- "livened" things up; maybe "more musical" is a better description. Adding one to the amp gave an overall greater sense of power and control to the sound. Putting one on the line conditioner seemed logical just to maximize current flow. Seemed to be the case, too.

On the DAC there is a difference, albeit minor. There's a little less grain. On the transport there was no change whatsoever. It still got one. With the these two it may be the cord which might warrant further experimentation in the future.
I have a Custom Power Cord on a Rowland Concentra II and an Essence Power Cord on on my Resolution Audio cd player. Surprisingly, I found the amp benefits more. The ac cord, combined with cones from Mapleshade (my latest addition), have turned what I already knew was a great amp, into %100 pure bliss (at least for now). More dynamics, better imaging, control and tighter bass. I made these changes with an open mind, not expecting the level of improvement that I got.
I can agree with Fpeel about the power conditioner if you have one and can upgrade the stock cord. I noticed an improvement on both systems I have. The improvement is on the whole system, since everything is plugged in there.
Thanks for the advice folks....
I get more bang for the buck on my digital components (player and DAC), but it will depend upon your equipment and how good or bad your power supply is. One of my amps (with a tiny little power supply) is very impartial as to what cord powers it and the other amp which has a very heavy external power supply is effected more by PC's (you think that it would be the other way around). If you are starting out with one upgraded cord, move it around and see what sounds best.
The only way you will know "which component benefits most from the Mamba" is to try it & find out. I always begin AC cord upgrades at the preamp, then move to the PA & then source components are done last. If you begin at the source & then change the pre & PA cords, you've changed what you started out with & then you need to go back there again anyway. It's a balancing act though, no matter what approach you take.