Power Cord for wadia 850

I am looking at replacing the power cord on my wadia 850. I would like to keep the budget around 400.00 give or take some. I have a Nordost El Dorado on there right now. Its a good power cord but I would like to try something different.
Look at thread #1030134136 - lots of good tips there.
See http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/frr.pl?rcabl&1032056879&read&3&4&
I have good results FIM cable.
IMO, the FIM helps to mellow off the edge from Wadia.
My 2 cents
I propose that the Wadia is NOT the source of the edge, if its perceived. If anything its filter algorithm rolls the top octave off pretty strongly....
The Nordost should be pretty open and clean.