Power cord for tubed cdp

Does anyone have any experience w.PC's for a tubed cdp.The goal is more detail/resolution. I'm also looking for neutality, ie no emphasis or attenuation of frequency ranges, a cord that WILL NOT destroy the beauty of the tube sound. Any feedback would be appreciated,Tubey
I've had great results with a Ridge Street Audio Poiema III on the tubes' power supply for my Modwright 9000ES cdp. I also have one on my Modwright tubed preamp. I feel that the PIII will meet your requirements.
I use the Nordost El Dorado on my Cary 303/300 with Siemens 12AU7s. VERY detailed.
I would agree with the Ridge Street Audio recommendation. I use the Poiema III Signature power cord on my tubed preamp and it is superb. It is neutral, balanced across the frequency spectrum and very authoritative.
I tested a bunch of PCs about 3 years ago on my Granite Tube CDP Model 657. I liked the Walker Audio Omega Mikro Planar more than anything else I tried (which included Elrod (which I use on my amp), VD Nite, Stealth M-21, Genghis Khan and a few others). Incidently ... I have an Omega Mikro for sale on a-gon right now (I am keeping one for my 657).

As for the Ridge Street, I haven't tried their PCs, but I'm very happy with their ICs (just ordered a new set of PIII sigs). I'm sure the PC is a winner too.

Also, I found both Larry Walker and Robert of RS to be a pleasure to do business with.

Good luck,
I have tried a few cables and have been around these parts for a few years since 1998.You can take it from a old "Geezer" .I've had Whales,Snakes,Zips,and been on a few Quests and a host of others and can say without reservations that Ridgestreet Poiemas has surpassed all previous products to take my systems to another level.Across the frequency it is very neutral from top to bottom and allows your system to produce to it's limits.True breakthrough products in my estimation! YMMV

Chuckie (Alvin)
VD Nite II is very good...much better than the Shunyata Black Mamba I had before.
I own a tubed CD player, and I would experiment with the aforementioned RSA Poiema!!!, DCCA Extreme Reference (or Don's latest top-of-the-line cord), and Purist Audio Dominus Ferrox and/or Fluid. I prefer the Dominus Fluid, but the Fewrrox is more neutral. I have tried all of these cords.

The active Omega Miro would b on my record cleaner if I could afford it(just joking stock will do) but they are not cheap.Now I have to check out these Ridge Streets but think often Belden or some really cheap from Blue Jeans Cables works as well as on some hi-end high end pieces (Krell for instance I'd use Cardas IC's to tone down "etched" sound but have hear no big difference among PC's ) at least with PC and sometimes even IC's though I still stick with rulle that one should spend the most upstream and be more reasonable farther down the line say if one is buying all at once and has budget guidleines.