Power Cord for Theta Data Basic II Transport

Can anyone recommend a power cord a Theta Data Basic II transport? Is it worth switching out the original power cord?
Yes it will make a difference. Try Xlo or tara.
It certainly is. I own the same transport and noticed a significant improvement with power cords. The first I tried was a Moray James pc which lowered te noise floor and improved clarity. For the heck of it I tried the Virtual Dynamics Nite pc I used on my amp and wow. In addition to the above improvements I noticed improved dynamics and an overall "realness" to the music. Piano sounded more natural, vocals had more of a sense of presence. I was skeptical of what a power cord could to until I heard it with my own ears.
I use a 6 foot Tara Labs Air AC powercord with excellent results. This powercord is open, transparent and very detailed with a deep, tight bottom end and will really let you see and hear what this transport can do.