Power cord for Tandberg 3012 Integrated

Does anyone know what type of connector Tandberg used for the main power cord and where to purchase one.
Replace it with a normal IEC and you will be much better off. They used a proprietary pseudo-euro-nanny IEC on most of their 3000 series stuff. A normal IEC will fit with a little work.

Hi, the Tandberg uses a special cord, since it only has two prongs on the 3012 and standard three prongs to the outlet. The Revox components also use this cord and are available from Revox or Sound-smith.com, sometimes you also see them on E-bay, they usually sell for $25.
Hi, I bought my last power cord from this shop, who are authorized Revox repair center:
JM Technical Arts
313 Rembrandt Drive
Old Hickory, TN 37138
phone: (615) 754-8323
fax: (615) 754-8314
email: JMTArevox@cs.com
Buy a "Hosa PWC-178" cord from Sweetwater Sound, Inc. in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (www.sweetwater.com) It cost me $7.99, which included free FedEx Ground shipping. These guys are terrific!