Power cord for Sony DVD7700

Has anyone tried putting an IEC connector on the Sony DVD7700? I did so I could attach a Synergistic Research power cord. Seems to be a lot more revealing sound. Never understood wht Sony does not provide a detachable power cord on this fine DVD player!
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Gfroman, Please tell me how you were able to do this. I have the same unit and would like to know. E-mail me [email protected] with instructions please, and where to get the parts necessary. Thanks in advance, Henry
Gfroman, Please tell me also,how you were able to do this? E-mail me @ [email protected] with instructions please, and where to get the parts necessary. Thanks in advance, John
Hi Guys. To respond to your inquiries, the procedure is rather simple. If you open the top chassis of the 7700, follow the power cord as it winds around a ferrite magnet and then clips to a circuit board. Unclip the cord at this connection. You now must cut the power cord where it enters the inside of the chassis, just before the ferrite magnet. This is where you will splice the IEC(female power cord connection)connector, which will be located just outside of the chassis. Simply solder the wires of the IEC to the cut wires. Make sure that you note the correct polarity of the wires(black to black, white to white). The IEC connectors are available at any electronic parts store for about $3 to $5. It may not look that pretty from the back of your Sony, but it does the job in allowing a high-end power cord to be attached. Hope that helps explain the procedure. I'm no electrician, but with a little care the whole procedure is rather simple. Thanks- Gregg
Gfroman and Johnwowen, I have made the Mod and it works like a charm. I was able to attach the IEC connector to the back of the chasis and it looks factory. I have not had a chance to play with some different cords yet but at any rate I now have that option. For the 2 hours labor and .97 for the IEC connector I can't go wrong. I have taken some Digital Pictures and will be happy to share them with you. E-mail [email protected] and I will forward the pictures. Thanks for the info on the procedure.
Way to go, Goose! Welcome to the club!! With all the tweakers out there, you would have thought others would have tried this by now. Gregg
Vans Evers makes an adapter for DVD players that lets you use any PC cord. This is a much easier solution than opening up/soldering, etc. the interior PC wire. Call Mike direct in Tampa, FL (# 813 / 239-0700) for more info. PS: Try the ElectraGlide PC's on the Sony for a step up!