Power Cord for Satellite Receiver

What is your recommendation for power cord for Satellite Receiver?
Plugging it in is a good idea :)

what model are you talking about?
>> What is your recommendation for power cord for Satellite Receiver? <<

Just get a cord that can handle the current draw of the device and you're done. And I would think this could easily be accomplished for $50 or less. Of course, if you want to make yourself "feel" good, you could always blow a couple thousand on one. It won't work any better, but you'll feel good...

We have found the shielded Cardas Audio Twinlink or Twinlink C7 to be a fine performer.
Did it come with one? OK - then that's a good one.

Really not trying to be flippant. This is all digital domain, so if you're getting reasonably decent power to your outlet then unless you're doing something awful or practically illegal between the wall & the receiver then the cord it came with will do just fine ('specially when you compare that cord of maybe 6 feet with what happened between the generator & your house...).
You could consider getting a C7 to IEC adaptor that would allow you to try many different power cords instead of just the few high quality C7 cords made.

We have found the shielded Cardas Audio Twinlink or Twinlink C7 to be a fine performer.....and we happen to sell them but prefer not to mention that so you might think we're saying this without any particular predujice....and we're not supposed to do this under the AGon rules, but they don't seem to stop us, so we just keep on and on and on with this guerilla advertising as we don't seem to get called on it........
Take the Cardas recommendation with a grain of salt as Dedicated is a Cardas dealer but failed to disclose same.
I have tried a few different power cords and they all create a different sound and picture--so some of the feedback here is just not accurate--sorry--but thank you.

And for members that feel a need to be rude--take it to another thread or spend your time appreaciting your wife! I am sure she needs it--figure it out. Can you dig it.
I know Dan at dedicated audio--he's terrific--so it's ok with me but I do understand that issue here.
I have to think RW is spot on. It's easy to get drawn into spending big $$$ on fancy power cables, but if you stop to think what happens between your wall outlet and the power generation company, then that 1 meter from wall to component becomes pretty irrelevant.
Even the cables in your walls will in all likelyhood be standard, cheap unshielded mains wiring, possibly decades old, with twist or screw connections, and running across each other, over light fittings etc.
Provided it's a decent, properly made cable, it's impact on any component (including hifi) is going to be negligable.
I know a few will always say they can "hear the difference", but the cost of 'top end' cables really is the world of diminishing returns.
Carl, you just negated the reason for this site--since it all starts with the wall outlet. I am sorry you are incorrect--peroid. I have run four different power cords and all have different result.
I agree in part with Carl, and what I mean is there is a ton of snake oil out there, I have had great results with $150 power cables, in a test with my audio club up against a $2000 power cable there was a small improovement but for the extra $1850 it wasnt worth the fuss.