Power cord for Rowland Model 10?

Does anybody have any suggestions/experience with power cords for a Rowland model 10?
The Rowland Model 10 has a 20 amp IEC and the cable should be shielded, so when you look for a cable keep this in mind.I was going to get a BMI Whaler, but they don't have 20 amp IEC. By the way how do you like the model 10 ?
Pure Note has a really nice silver shielded cord with the 20-Amp IEC plug. Web is www.purenote.com. Good luck!
Purist Audio makes their Dominus line of power cord in the 20 amp version for Rowland. This is an excellent match, with terrific dynamics.

Dominus "plays" to the Rowland's strengths of clean, beautiful highs and taught deep bass frequencies. I think you would find this an excellent choice, and advise you to experiment with it and the others suggested here, before making your final decision.
I own a Bob Crump design PC,from TG AUDIO,
the HRSI 2(square). I am happy with it. The price for the cable is sane. I guess you can get a better cable, but at what price. I am happy with it.

Good Luck
Jaime Candelario
i know several owners of jrdg 10's who use the model ii from the custom power cord company. it retails for only $300 and can be found for much less, new and used. -kelly
I use a Cardas Golden Power Cord with my Model 10. I found it to be a good match with Rowland gear. Rowland uses a Cardas cable to connect the amplifier to the power supply. The changes in my system were subtle but an improvement.
I use a Purist Audio Dominus power cord on my Rowland Model 1 and love it. It cost me more than the Model 1 (I bought it used...the Dominus was new). It didn't sound anything like what I expected. I expected more bass and bigger dynamics. But instead it smoothed out the midrange and top end to the point where I had to buy it. Once I heard it I couldn't go back.
Jeff Rowland likes Cardas for all interconnects, speaker cables and power cords. I haven't tried Cardas but Jeff ought to know.
Cables and power cords will never fail to amaze and baffle.
My only advice is to find a brand you like and go straight to the top...get the best one they make and you'll never look back. Good luck.
fim gold ac cord the best for jeff.they has also special cable for jeff
I like the Harmonix Studio Master on my Model 10. It's available through Fanfare International. You'll have to special order the 20A version. I also recommend the Custom Power Company Top Gun HCFI (but not the regular Top Gun).