Power Cord for Resolution Audio Opus 21

I'm making out my Christmas list and before I 'check it twice' I'm wondering if any Opus 21 owners could recommend a power cord ($500-$600 aprox. price range - used or new)? What cables have you tried and which one did you settle on and why? I have a dedicated line for this player, but no power conditioning at present. I run directly from the Opus 21 into my Krell 300cx amp then into B&W 802N speakers.
I have had good luck with the Flavor 1 cord by Chris Ven Haus with the rhodium ends... I found it to be very uncolored in the midrange, with fast, tight bass and great extension to the upper highs. I bettered many $400- $800 cords I tried on my Opus 21, and it has a sane price (for a nice change!) Give it a try with his free trial period, but be sure to let it settle in for a good week or two before making any judgements. Mine sounded much better after some break-in time on the player, and was a bit light on the bass at first.
Shunyata Black Mamba version 1 worked he best I heard.

Happy Listening.
I use a Michael Wolff Carbon Ribbon Cord on my Opus 21.
Michael Wolff
TG Audio 688 or SLVR. Both work great with the Opus 21. So did the Audience PowerChord.
I have heard Michael Wolff cords on the Opus 21 and indeed, they sound very nice, the price is reasonable and if you dont like it, he will refund your money, it can't be beat for the price.
Thanks for your responses. I have decided to demo the Flavor 1.