Power cord for Rega Planet 2000

Anyone have recommendations? I don't have the ability to demo them as there are no high-end stores near me. Thanks. leo.
You don't advise as to the limits of your available income so I'll offer an inexpensive choice - LAT International makes a great cord for around 100 dollars new. It does a great job on my modded 333ES player. Best advice is obviously to wait for more advice from Planet owners and buy used if you can - best bang for your buck! While I don't own the Planet I did hear it some time back with three different cords that did affect the presentation in three different versions so I know the unit's "flavor" (at least to my ears) can be "altered"...
I would really like a cord that costs around $100. My current problem is that my system is extremely detailed and smooth but lacking musicality. Hence the purchase of the Rega. I don't want to lose the detail so a power cord with that in mind is what I'm looking for. I know this is a tough one without me listening to the cords in advance. :-( leo.
You can't go wrong with a Custom Power Cord (several different models). David Blair is fanatical about build quality. You'l get the most "bang for the buck" with his products. Tel. # is 847-329-8975. Happy Tunes!
I'd suggest you try an Absolute Power Cord from GTT Audio for about $60. I have them now on a CAL CD player and Odyssey power amp and am really pleased.
Audition the Zcable.com Lightning power cord. The 6' cord is a little more than $100. It looks like the Absolute but offer more detail and finesse. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.