Power cord for PurePower2000

Who has expirience in comparing different cables with PurePower2000 regenerator?
I feel that there is no real difference between stock cable and expensive brands.
If your PurePower 2000 is the same one that a friend of mine has, it has a battery that stores energy such that the incoming AC is not fed directly to the equipment, but stored in the battery first and then supplied to the components. If that is the case, different power cords from the wall to the PurePower should make no difference.

However, high-quality aftermarket power cords from the PurePower to your components will make a big difference as we experienced first hand a couple of weeks ago when we experimented with several high-quality aftermarket power cords (one PS Audio and two different Synergistic Research lines). Each cord made a significant change in the sound of his system. He ended up buying a Synergistic Research Precision AC to feed his Modwright preamp from the PurePower 2000 and using the PS Audio power cords to feed his Carver monoblock tube amps, again from the PurePower 2000.
I have a PurePower 1050 and thought that a aftermarket cord wouldn't make a difference. To my surpise all the cords I tried sounded different, even thou it regenerates and has a battery.
All the components connected will benefit, IMHO.
My question is about cable connected from wall socket to PurePower2000.
Other cables make really huge difference!
But wall cable not!
Is any expirience exactly with PurePower2000?
No experience with the 2000 but I had the Purepower 700 and power cords from the wall to the unit did make a difference even thought intuitively it would seem not to matter.
Murataltuev, if you are referring to me, I am talking about wall to unit cord.
As I know 2000 is absolutely different from 1050.
Interesting to know about expirience with 2000.
For every component I can hear difference and choose between Stealth Dream, Kubala Emotion, Nordost Valhalla but for PP2000 they sound very similar. May a bit better than stock cable.