power cord for PS Audio Power Plant Premier

Hi there,
I just got a Power plant premier and am a happy camper :). The manual said that it would benefit from a Power cord upgrage itself. All my components connected to it use Verastarr power cables and I would like to keep it that way. I just need a cable for the power plant itself. Was thinking of staying PS audio but not sure. On a tight budget and want to go used if possible
When I had the PPP the best cord was a VH Audio Flavor 4 after trying other more expensive ones. For me I could never get the PPP improve my system, it always rolled off the top end.
The HIFICRITIC test of the PPP found that the Xtream Primer SC [ may have the first two reversed] cords worked very well. I have a couple, using one with my Quintet, and find them very good. I had a couple of Statements of the same generation and their only shortcoming is that they are very stiff. I only sold them when I needed to get a couple of 20 amp PCs.
I'm very, very happy with a Pangea AC-9 on my PPP. At ~$60 for a 1m cord, you cannot go wrong.
I'll second the Pangea AC 9. I've got one from the wall to a Duet and another from the Duet to the PPP. I've been very happy with the result . Far more robust performance than the stock cords and at a very reasonable price point.
I too am a Pangea fan. One issue the amp Pangea the 9 gauge, may have when bought in a short length is it does not twist well. Bend yes, it can bend around a six inch radius. But the short ones cannot be twisted about thier axis very well. A one meter 9 gauge is very hard to twist one end 180 degrees to make the plug fit if it does not line up. So even trying to twist it hard way more than needed will result in the cord still putting twisting pressure on the socket. The longer 1.5 meter or more, do not have this problem. If the parts line up in a shorter cord, then this is not an issue. The short cords can be returned to Audio Advisor if they do not work out. Just a heads up from a Pangea lover.
The 14 gauge cords do not have any problem
I made my own cord for the PPP from Belden 83803 teflon coated 12 gauge copper wire, wattgate plugs and black techflex. Looks and sounds great! A little on the stiff side, but it can be bent to fit; if you need to get into tight spaces, a Wattgate right-angle plug works great.