Power Cord for PS Audio Power Plant Premier?

I recently replaced my power conditioner with a PS Audio PPP. The old unit's cable had the 20A connector, so I installed the PPP with a PS Audio Statement PC expecting some synergy. While much better than the old conditioner in terms of definition, extension, and "Hi-Fi" characteristics, with the combo there is an emphasis on upper mid/low treble that does not wear well. I tried a JPS Power AC, much richer lower mids and musical flow, but rather dark on top. The PSA cord may just have a long burn-in, but I'm curious what others might have found specifically complements the PPP - or not. Say under $1000 for the sake of argument.

Dedicated 15A AC line, but plenty of compact fluorescent bulbs and a few dimmers in the house. Current demands are low - SACD/CDP, TT, phono stage, passive pre, Bel Canto Class D 150 wpc monoblocks.
I tried many cords on the Premier. I stayed under $1k as well, as I have a hard time rationalizing that kind of cash. On the Premier I tried the stock pc, DCCA Reference Master (2008), DCCA Musical Essence 2, Audience Powerchord, Wergzyn Copper Slam, Synergistic Research Tesla T3, VH Audio Flavor 4 (Wattgate), Flavor 4 (Furutech), and PS Audio Statement SC. I was not able to get the upper mids and highs to sing and my speakers have planar tweeters. About the best upper end clarity I achieved was using the Flavor 4 (Furutechs) and the performance was better in the upper end, but not extended as it could be. I did not try any more expensive cords than these. Another Audiogoner, Joeyboynj, swears by the performance of the Synergistic Research Precision Reference on the Premier. It beat out all other cords he tried. For me, I would have liked to try it, but I was unwilling to spend that much. One cord I did not try but would suggest to you is the VH Audio Airsine. After 6 months of trialing power cords I sold my Premier. By the way there is a Premier mod in the works. I can't remember by whom. It would be worth investigating. I think it is supposed to improve clarity and dynamics
Thanks, Foster_9, you have certainly done some research. My speakers have aluminum dome tweeters, and they will also misbehave if they don't get a clean signal. However, they are also probably not as revealing as a good ribbon or planar driver.

I'd like to lose the upper mid/low treble emphasis and get a richer, more balanced presentation overall. With the PSA pc, there's plenty of detail, but it just doesn't cook.
I have a PPP and have been using stock power cords. I'm not particularly knowledgeable or interested in power cords but willing to take advice from others. I was looking at the Kimber Palladium power cord but I've now seen a glowing review of the PS Audio Statement power cords in HiFi+. I assume the most important cord is the one connecting the PPP to the wall socket and will report back once I've tried a few different cords.
Cables perform differently in every system. So keep auditioning until your systems delivers the magic.
Just reflecting here…. I’ll assume you had none of the current stated audible irritation ‘upper mid, lower treble’ issues before installing the PPP, correct? I’ll also assume it’s well run in too, or in excess of 400 hrs.

I’m wondering too, if perhaps the PPP is the more revealing conditioner than it’s predecessor?

I’ve found in that particular range, upper mid, lower treble, is where a ground loop exhibits itself audibly. I’d at least try lifting the cable/sat ground to see if a change occurs… that’ll take 5 minutes to do, and about an hour or less listening, to reveal that truth.

Past that, again given the PPP is likely the more revelatory unit in play now, if those lighting aspects are old or not, they may bare a redo or rethinking. Flipping off their associated breakers might aid in determining if any or all of the lighting is adversely affecting things too.. more or less.

I’m considering the addition of a PPP or likewise active unit into my system as a possibility, though I’m quite fond of passive filtration currently and use Duets, UP200, and a RSA Haley now. So finding out a little more as to how the PPP works in various rigs is a good thing for me now.

I use a Elrod Sig III to supply the Haley, Voodoo Gold Dragon, & Black Dragon, or Shunyata Taipan or Python and/or a VD Power iii on the PSA units, depending upon the applications. All off 3 20A Ded ckts.

The Haley drives the power train, Duets do sources and another small HT system usually, and the UPC keeps the PC system happy.

The Elrod is a very clean, natural, and wide open sounding wire… but does need to be applied where a goodly current draw is in the works to reveal it’s true self and come to life. Your PPP should certainly provide that! Pre-owned, it’ll sure meet the $$$ requirements too.
Just FYI here... I have just replaced the stock power cord supplied by PS audio for the PPP with Russ Andrews' Signature Powerkord - didn't get the one from PS audio because it's hard to get one with the UK plug here in Singapore.

I must say that the results are astonishing! It was almost like I just added a subwoofer to my ATC Active 20s. It's crazy! The whole sound just sounded more energetic and a lot richer, there is a distinct improvement throughout the frequency range. Needless to say, a quality power cord for the PPP is essential.

I am still an amateur audiophile here and my attitude towards cables have always been whatevers... Well the same cannot be said now.
...just my impression.....I have never met a power conditioner that I ultimately liked. Sure...they all change the sound, but they also install a bug or two so that ultimately, I always found the sound better without the P/C. I do admit that power cords can make a big difference for the better...I use Oyieda plugs with Accrotech wiring. I wonder if you too would experiment and eliminate the P/C and again evaluate your system....just one's empression.
BCkinch try the DCCA ref4 this is more neutral on the
side it brings out the music out of my system.
My PS audio power plant is attach to it,it sounds
very good.
Stringreen, have you heard any of the PS Audio Power Plants?

I really like the Audience Power Chord E version to connect my P500 to the wall. The sound is very natural.
Chenc..yes..the newest model on loan
I have a PPP on its way here. Should be here within 5 days.

On my P-300, I find the Purist Audio Dominus fluid sounds best out of six different cords that I tried. Will see how it works on the PPP soon.

Interesting that the Russ Andrews cord worked so well for another member. I'll have to try that one also.
I made my own cord for the PPP using Belden 83803 teflon-insulated 12 gauge copper wire, Wattgate connectors and black Techflex braiding. Sounds great to me, an improvement in bass over the stock cord. Best things about making your own are the price, and being able to custom make it to the exact length you need.
Purist Audio Dominus works at least good on everything! That's why it is so popular despite the insane cost.
I would guess that top of the line Stealth costs much more than PPP itself. Would not be very wise.
Ebm, do still have your TW table or upgraded to Simon Yorke?
Stealth Cloud 99 used great cord. Tw Raven AC3 With battery power supply TW 10.5 arm Im very happy.
while i have a ps audio power plant, not the premier, i use the original, ps audio lab cable to power it. the ss amp inside the power plant benefits from the gauge and sound of the cable.