Power cord for PLASMA Pioneer.

Power cord it's important, if yès,
Which PC for Plasma Pioneer 436 CE.

Thank you.
Not sure which Pioneer plasma was being used for the demonstration (maybe a few year old Elite?) but Nordost did demo at CES this year. They played a video clip with the stock cord, then replaced it with one of their Vishnu powercords and replayed the clip. The results were very surprising and a noticeable improvement was realized using their cord.

Hope this helps.
Hi Medhi,

It depends how much you want to spend and how serious you are. There are literally hundreds of pc cables out there and you can spend anywhere up to US$6000 per metre!!

I think it all needs to be relative. I work on the principle that you take no more than 20% of your total system budget and allocate this to cables. I have a Meridian setup, so up there with the high end. I am looking at Virtual Dynamics Master and Nite II cables. You might want to consider their lower end cables, called Power (still a lot better than stock).

I agree with Dlwask, Nordost are good too. Check out the following link, it will give you an idea of the range and rrp. http://www.fatwyre.com/FATWYRE/FATWYRE/fatwyre/power_b9_05.html