Power Cord for Pass X-350?

Anyone have first hand experience with a reasonable cost power cord for the X350?
Thinking of a SR Ref.Master Coupler or TCC Top Gun.
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Here is a list of reasonable powercords that work well with the X 350.

The Sidewinder gold retail $350, the Mojave retail $550 both by Shunyata.

The Master coupler and the Reference both work well.

The Pass I personally do not like with the Custom powercords although they are really good with Roland gear.

The gut wire works well as does the Supernatural by Audio prism.

There are others I am sure but those are the ones that I have tried.

My 2 favorite cords on the X 350 are expensive the Electraglide fat man and the Synergistic DR square.

Hope this helps.
I just made some PCs for my Pass monos with Belden 83802 ($2.50/ft), Leviton Pro plugs ($10 at HDepot), and Schurter IEC ($8 at Allied). 12AWG with pure Teflon dielectric.
What else could you want?
Just one guy's results...have fun.
try electraglide fatman it must be one of the best for your amp.
i think on usedcable.com ,they have as a second hand for a half price