Power Cord for Pass Int 60-Under 1K used

I'm just about done with my recent audio transformation. My last statement is going to be an after market power cable for my Pass Labs Int-60. My budget is under 1K used....and that"s pushing it.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, especially if your a Pass Labs owner.

If your not a fan of after market cords....save me the speech. I already spent about 35K....I'm not using a stock power cord.

Any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Would someone please enlighten me here. How does a three ft section  of metal help in providing better sound quality?

The shielding of the power cord reduces Radio Frequency interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic 
Interference (EMI). In doing so, it reduces the noise in the audio. 

Some cables can and do change the sound of the audio quality by impedance mismatch and lack of proper inductance characteristics. And several other electronic variables. 
I'm using the  Shunyata - Zitron Alpha HC Power Cable with my Pass X250.8; used price should be well below the $1K mark.

Before going to the Zitron Alpha cables I was using Triode Wire Labs and thought they were excellent for the price.