Power Cord for Pass Int 60-Under 1K used

I'm just about done with my recent audio transformation. My last statement is going to be an after market power cable for my Pass Labs Int-60. My budget is under 1K used....and that"s pushing it.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, especially if your a Pass Labs owner.

If your not a fan of after market cords....save me the speech. I already spent about 35K....I'm not using a stock power cord.

Any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
You trust designers to choose the correct parts and correct designs, but question their choices of power cords. That is an example of absolute lubacy.
You guys should put model and $$ price you paid.

A lot if guys use the new Audio advisor  Pangea power cord which is a awg7 gauge  using Cardas best 6-9 Copper and uses Gold over solid Copper connections  very very good and for under $300 with a 30 days money back
Worth trying  the Sig mk-2 version.
What @audioman58 said....^^^^^^^^^^
The Pangea AC9SE MKii meets all the qualities of an excellent power cord except price.

It has the proper shielding, huge 7 AWG, the proper cable twist, it’s OFC, using Cardas grade cooper.
Instead of bragging on how much money you wasted on a Power cord get a quality made cable for $300 and save the rest of your money.

These are excellent cables!
This is an EASY answer: Silent Source. Frank Dickens, the owner of SS works closely with Pass Labs on all things power/ power supply related. His cables are what they use to voice their equipment. Yes, I own them (SS cables and cords) and I love them, but that’s not the point of my post. Use what Pass uses. You should be able to find one used but even new they are reasonable. 
Would someone please enlighten me here. How does a three ft section  of metal help in providing better sound quality? Electricity runs hundreds of feet through your house via copper wire after running miles and miles through other wire, how does adding three feet, of gold, silver, or whatever to the end of that run make a difference? Not being a smart ass, just don't quite understand.