power cord for pass 250.8

Looking for a power cord for my Pass 250.8

Right now using cord that came with it. Could I do better?

For those with this amp which cord did you find most suitable.... My system is a bit on the laid back side so a somewhat more forward sound would be nice. Looking to pay up to $3,000.00 used.

Thanks for any suggestions.


I am always intrigued by the small companies that could very well be turning out great products at a fraction of the cost of the big-name products.  I don't see where anyone has acknowledged piebaldpython's post about NRGCustomCables

I went to the website and seems to be a straight shooter audiophile that is trying to mfg great cables for reasonable costs.  

Is there anyone else that is familiar with his products?

@dhite71 I have a NRG Custom Cables 4 outlet distribution box and attached cable.  It is very well made and wasn't particularly expensive but I have no idea if it improved the sound quality since I didn't do any careful A/B testing.  He isn't taking new orders until September.

Another small manufacturer is Ice Age and I did buy a loom of Ice Age OFC cables and after burning them in I can confidently say they are a significant improvement to the Pangea AC-9 cables they replaced.

I've never had any of the uber expensive power cables so I can't comment on them.  

@pinwa good to know...I will check them out as well

Another seemingly good option is Shunyata's latest releases.  I spoke to them back in December and they were very excited about the Gamma and Theta lines in that they are their best cost to performance ratio products ever in their lineup.  I spoke to a couple dealers that said the same.  I know I am talking to the MFG and dealers so there's that, but still very reasonable for big name PCs at $500 & $1000 in their standard lengths.

@dhite71 I did a tour of the Shunyata facility about a month ago with my local audio club.  They were excited about the Gamma and Theta lines but we didn't audition them.  We were very impressed with their listening room and the demo of the Altaira grounding system.  I imagine having a great listening room as a laboratory to test your products makes a big difference in what you make.  Caelin was impressive and seemed like a very serious guy.  The Gamma cords were a little above my price point but they would be a good option for the OP to consider.

@roxy54 the pure silver xangsane are up there with the very best. To be honest I haven’t heard the power cable, but their interconnect and digital coax are absolutely amazing and would still be great value at 10x the price IMO. I don’t see any reason to think the power cable would be any less good.

@audphile1 Xangsane is a genuine brand with quality R&D and great build quality and materials, not a 50$ knockoff. You just can’t put them in the same bin. You obviously haven’t tried the pure silver Xangsane, I’d urge you to, you would be surprised.