power cord for Panasonic G25

Does anyone know of an aftermarket cable that will work for this TV it has a plastic snap on device ?Standard cords such as xlo will not stay in place.
See if this works - call them if not

If it's anything like my Panasonic, then it's just a deep IEC inlet which won't by itself support the oversize connectors of most aftermarket cords.

Two solutions from Shunyata:

(1) Shunyata universal power adapter (http://www.shunyata.com/Content/products-UniversalAdapter.html) plus your choice of aftermarket power cord; or

(2) Shunyata Diamondback Platinum or Venom3 molded power cord.
I have . I had to remove (unscrew) the plastic snap in my Panasonic plasma, otherwise aftermarket cords won't fit.
Thanks for that. I just checked and sure enough, there are screws. I'll remove them tonight and see if the plastic shroud comes out and then see if an Airsine fits.
Thanks Everyone?
Does not work. I took out the two screws plus the screw above the socket. The shroud is inserted from the inside so it doesn't appear to be able to taken out from the outside. Also, the IEC inlet itself is loose and fits into the shroud and becomes stable, so removing the shroud is not a good idea.