Power Cord for Odyssey Stratos

I've been debating on which pc for my Stratos amp the VooDoo Silver Dragon or the VH Audio Flavor 4 which I'm audtioning right now. Has anyone out there tried these power cords?
Having never heard a Stratos, i would suggest either one of the cords that Corona designs and markets or one of Michael Wolff's "carbon" designs. Then YOU can tell US how they work : ) Sean

PS... I'm not familiar with the VooDoo products, but Chris' stuff offers a very good amount of performance for the money invested. I don't know which design will work best with your specific units, but please keep us posted.
I have the extreme mono stratos, i use the costum
power cord model 11, they pair very well.
Don't know your electronics, but in my opinion, the best PC on the market is the Virtual Dynamic Nite PC. I auditioned one and bought it! These are on Audiogon classifieds all the time at great prices. You can buy direct form VD also and they discount. I have had Shunyata, Custom, and many others in my system and nothing sounded as good after break-in time against the VD's right out of the box. Extraodinary product.
The rest of my system:
ASL AQ 2004 pre W/ Signal Cable Magic PC

Cambridge 500 SE cd player w/Ven Haus Flavor 2 PC

Monitor Audio Silver 5i

Budget is between $200-$300
Correction, my budget is between $200-$400
Hey Trip. How's the power cord evaluation going for your Stratos amp? Have you made a decision yet on which PC sounds the best?
Trip have you consider the powerchord audience? I have
it on my cdp sony mod,but my friend told they are even
better on amp.This powerchord makes music,cpc model 11
are good too, In the near future I will try this audience.
Right now I have the VenHaus Flavor 4 cyro treated pc w/ my amp. I just have about 70hrs on it . So far it sounds a little analytical [hope spelling is correct] which is not a bad thing. Vocals sound smoother back ground quiter in soft passages and good attack on rock music. I would also like to compare the Audience pc which is about $160 more to the Flavor 4. I wonder if it would be worth the time and money?
Trip, your Flavor 4 stills needs quite a bit more breaking in. Please give us a status at the 200 hour mark. Do you have the cord plugged directly into the wall? Also, do you have a dedicated line and/or at least 12 guage wires in the wall? Just curious as this is what Chris recommends for his Flavor 4. I currently have a Flavor 2,cryo'd, with Furutech connectors just starting its break in process.
Sherod, yes I have it plugged directly into the wall and I have a dedicated line w/ 12 guage wire.
I second both the VD nites and Audience PC. They're at least worth an audition.
Hey Trip. How's the Flavor 4 sounding? Has it reached the 200 hour mark yet?
Hey Trip, I use the Groneberg PC's for my monos...however, they are 6' and I am getting the 10' cables from Groneberg. They really do extend the base as do the i/c from gronebergs too. This is the same cable used internally by Klaus.

I have two 6' pc would sell for $175 for both.