Power Cord for NAD M51 and Musical Fidelity A3CR

I am looking for power cords for my system:

NAD M51 DAC + Preamplifier
Musical Fidelity A3CR Power Amplifier

I like the smooth sound of this setup. I want a power cord that widens the soundstage, without being harsh. Which power cords do you recommend for these two components? My budget is USD 500.00.

Is it recommended to use a shielded power cord for the DAC? How is the Synergistic Research Precision AC Basik? I have heard that SR Power Cords throw a huge soundstage?
That is a lot of budget - good for you.

I recommend the Signal Cable MagicPower Power cord for the Musical Fidelity A3CR Power Amplifier:

For the NAD M51 DAC + Preamplifier, I recommend the Signal Cable MagicPower digital reference:

Discuss these options with Frank Signal Cable. He is a very nice and helpful guy to work with.

I do not have any experience with SR Power Cords.
For my amplifiers (Prima Luna PL2/ tube, Prima Luna PL5/ tube, and Outlaw RR2150), I use PS Audio Punch . At the time I went the PS Audio route because they offer ground pins which screw out. I had ground loop issues with both Prima Lunas that I could not isolate and disliked having a heavy duty power cord plugged into a cheater plug.

For my Musical Fidelity CD PRE 24 (preamp/ cd player), I use the MF supplied power cord. It is a quality, thick cord and it fits nicely in the back of the component. Not all cords do that.

For everything else I use these NAIM $ 35 stock power cords that Gene Rubin Audio sells on eBay. I purchased a half dozen or so of these cords about 6 or 7 years ago and they work ridiculously well.

In all honesty, I don't know whether power cords widen soundstage, or not. I doubt my less than golden 55 year old ears would have noticed anything like that 20 years ago. I thought that fiddling with speaker placement or buying bigger, badder, speakers widened soundstage. I listen for a quiet background and power cords can affect that.


Listening to Pretty Thing's 'Parachute' from 1970 while I write this.
Milpai and Rich, thank you for your response.

Let me know if anyone else have other recommendations.