Power cord for my Portal Panache?

What do you guys think about the MIT z-cord II? I was offered a 6 foot version from my local store for 60 dollars out the door. Do you think this would be a good upgrade from the stock cheap black cord it came with? Would the ps audio power punch that retails for 70 be a better cord? Thanks!

P.S. i could also use the MIT for my cd player...


I have owned the MIT Power Cords and just found them in a simple word, well just terrible. In that price range the PS Audio Cords will be the better bet. Good luck!

Totally off subject. I am receiving my Panache this week. How do you like yours? Have you compared it to any other amps? Thanks. Marty
I would be more inclined to go with the PS Audio power cord since they specialize in power conditioners & power cords etc. and have a very good reputation in this area. I know that they made a dramatic improvement in my system. Anyway I second Viridian's request. How do you like your Portal Panache as I have a great interest in this integrated amp myself but never heard one. Inquiring minds want to know!
I put that exact MIT cord on my cd player and it sounds great! A really good deal for 60 bucks, try it both ways and see which you prefer. Happy listening!
The Panache is a great sounding amp! I really am just amazed at the difference between my older NAD. I have listened to Jolida, Classe, Primare, NAD, and Audio Research. The Panache was way better then Primare, Jolida and NAD. The best I can describe it's sound is to think of a beast that is warm and gentle. hah.

Beware though that the Panache is super sensitive to the power in your house. I have never been able to track down what is causing a very slight buzz from the speakers. The amp did not buzz at TIBI manufacturing (who makes these amps)when I took it to be looked at. But I dont notice it anymore.
www.diycable.com The Assylum cord for 47.00 is all you will ever need. Dont let the price fool you, many other mfgs make the same cable dress it up and charge you 1k for it.
I recently purchased a Panache here and am very pleased with the sound. I replaced the stock power cord with a 4 foot section of Belden 14 gauge cable with a hospital grade plug. I'm not a big believer in expensive power cords but do like to use a cable at least 14 gauge as my speaker cables are 11 gauge.
As for the buzzing, I hear some also but need to get my ear right up next to the speaker. I've heard alot worse with a couple of others including Rotel.
Try Signal cable Magic Power powercord.
This is a good post in my opinion. My new Portal Panache is being delivered in 2 days, and the power cord question is one that I'm wondering about also. I'll be interested to see if there are more responses to this topic.
RTilbury, thanks for your thoughts on the Portal Panache, I find them very informative as there is not very much feedback on this integrated amp. It definately sparked my interest.