Power cord for my Levinson 334, which one?

Hi I am looking to upgrade my #334 power cord. I am using a Mamba and I am looking at the Fatman, Fatboy, new Python, King Cobra and Viper. The 334 is driving Audio Physic Avanti Centuries with Audioquest Dragon speaker cable. I am looking for a more revaling cable with even better soundstaging. Thanks in advance!
Shunyata has a new powercord called the Python that would work very well on your levinson 334 it replaced the Viper and some people prefer it to the King cobra V 2 I do not.

I personally love the fat man on amps because they give you so much body and weight with excellent transparency.

The best powercords for transparency if your main criteria is getting more information would be the Synergistic designer reference Square.

Realize all the powercords have their own sonic signatures - - So it totally depends on what your individual system needs.

Also mixing different brands of powercords is usually superior to running all one brand.
I have experimented with power cords for the Levinson 334 and have found the Shunyata Python, Custom Power Cord Co Top Gun HCfi and the Synergistic Designer Reference Squared to work very well in my system.

In short, I found the Python to add a nice touch of warmth and smoothness to the 334 which is certainly not a bad thing. The Top Gun HCfi was the most neutral of these cords as it did not seem to add or subtract from the sound, very effortless with a quiet background. The Designer Reference Squared is similar in quality to the Top Gun HCfi except perhaps more dynamic with a larger soundstage.
Are the PS Audio power cords any good with Levinson amps?
Taipan. I use this cord with my ML 23.5. Excellent.
MY personal choice is Golden Sound Premier Black. It works great with my Levinson 23.5.
My recommentation is try the Costum power product,
with your amp i like the model 11 plus,and try both
top gun and model 11, cardas golden might work.little
advice to all. When auditioning cable it really
takes 3 days to settle them down in the system if they
were burn in.
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Enjoy your system!