Power Cord for Music Hall CD25

I'm looking for a good PC that will improve the performance of the midrange. If my system has an area where I feel it is weak, it would be the midrange.

The CD25 has the Level 1+ mod package from Parts Connexion so it is ready to perform. I'd just like to make sure that whatever PC I get will maximize the performance and bring out the best in the midrange as well as the highs and the lows.

From what I noticed when I upgraded the power cord on my CD25 / Shanling CD-S100, you're not looking in the right place for better midrange. The difference power cords make is more to the soundstage, to detail and definition, to control at the bottom end.

I tried Wireworld and Ensemble PCs and enjoyed them both, although the Ensemble was on the overkill side.

Harmonies do tend to benefit (in definition) from PC improvements, so the midrange is certainly affected, but if you are not satisfied with the midrange you need to look elsewhere, IMVHO.
I haven't put the CD25 in my system yet. I'm not going to receive it until later next week. In anticipation of getting it and know how my system sounds with the current cdp in their, I thought I might start putting some feelers out there on advice.

I'm not looking for the PC that I use for my cdp to solve problems. I'm looking for a PC that might be better than others, mainly improving the midrange. If there isn't a PC that can do this, I'm okay with that. Maybe the answer is to find a PC that brings out the best from the top end to the bottom end as a whole.

I agree with Tobias on his PC comments.

I use a Blue Circle BC61 on mine, better detail, soundstage, bass and dynamics.

Maybe try a Cardas PC???

Ive got me a VH Audio Flavor 1. It does improve bass, lowers background noise and brings out details. I think the power cord made the biggest difference for me on my amp though. The Flavor 1 was about $100 new.
So not only do some people hear things that aren't there, you can here things before the get there..!:)

Did you mean you now have a different Music Hall in there?

Huh? Who are you talking to?
Sorry Bundee, I see you also have Music Hall. My comments are about VMan's second post that he is awaiting delivery of the unit.

Actually vman the music hall has nice midrange. You have to worry about the lows and the forward highs. The PC should take care of the bass, maybe some ICs can smooth the highs.

I read through alot of reviews of the Music Hall compared to the Jolida (that us tubed). I took away from it that the Music Hall's midrange, while very much improved with the Level 1+ mod package, could still use some improvement in the midrange area.

I've not heard the CD25 yet in my system. I do know that even prior to putting it in, midrange is not my systems strong suit. I just thought that I would ask to see if there was a PC that does a better job, specifically with the midrange, so I could try it out in place of the stock PC.

I want to make sure that I do the right things at the source end to minimize my system shortcomings. I'm absolutely sure that the Music Hall is going to be a vast improvement over my old DVD/CD player. I've also changed my IC between my cdp and preamp to a much nicer (improved clarity and details) and warmer sounding IC. If, you're wondering the IC is a pair of Concierto Violin's. My system trends to be on the bright side because of the Klipsch horns.

Hope this makes more sense.