Power cord for Meridian 508.24 CD player?

What power cords have others found to work particularly well with the Meridian 508.24 CD player?

If possible, can you elaborate on the sonic differences relative to the stock power cord?
I upgraded to the Zu Cable "Mother" which seems to mate very well in my system. Improved the big picture! Biggest improvent was Transparency, and Depth.I find this cord to be neutral.I can't say it gave me more bass, or highs ,but for sure it made music sound like music.Exc.cord for the cost.
I would like to know this one myself. Been thinking about Virtual Dynamics' offerings.
I went from a JPS Labs Digital to a TG Audio SLVR and the change was beneficial. More pace, even tone, beautiful sense of space around instruments.
I have a 508.20, however, it's been modified w/Blackgates & Schottky's. I settled on a TG Audio 688 after trying the SLVR, only because the SLVR was a tad bit bright for me. So, I second TG Audio cables.

As for the differences between a good aftermarket PC & stock, in addition to what Vikvilkhu said, I think you'll find the soundstage shrinks, bass isn't tight & the overall presence suffers.
I use an Electraglide FatBoy with excellent results. Steve
On my Meridian, I am using the Electra glide Fatboy also (older6" version)
I own the Electraglide Fatboy,fatman,and Referenece, Whale Elite, Zu Mother,Jps and have tried many others .
With the fatboy on the Meridian , the Meridian plugged into a PS300 and the Ps 300 connected via a Fatman to a PS600.
This combo work's best for me.
I have used a TG Audio SLVR power cord with my Meridian 508.24 CD player and have been very (although not completely) satisfied with the combination.

I am currently burning in the stock power cord to provide a "baseline" for other power cord comparisions.

Has anyone directly compared the TG Audio SLVR power cord vs. the Electraglide power cords with this particular CD player? If, so can you elaborate on the sonic differences between the two? Triglide vs. Referenceglide vs. Fat Boy?

Thanks in advance!
I use the Shunyata Powersnakes Viper v.2 with my 508.24. After trying numerous (Black Mamba, NBS Omega, Synergistic Res. etc.) I found the Viper lowered the noise floor and blackened the background without taking away any of the bloom and detail that this cdp is known for.